Racers Track Club is considering legal action against the manufacturers of a supplement which contained the stimulant that caused two of their athletes to be banned for three months after their test samples returned adverse analytical findings.

Club president Glen Mills revealed this development during a press conference held yesterday at Eden Gardens on Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew. The press conference was called so the club could tell their side of the story about how the athletes’ samples came to produce the adverse findings.

The two athletes who failed tests were sprinter Yohan Blake and Marvin Anderson.

“In 40 years of working in track and field, I have neither encouraged nor supported the use of banned substances to support athletic performances. I firmly believe in the principles of honesty and hard work as the tools of development of one’s God-given talent,” he said. “I am also a firm believer in my ability, honesty and expertise as a coach to develop any talent in any area of the world in the area of sprinting. I need no illegal help.”…..Read More

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