Racers Track Club is considering legal action against the manufacturers of a supplement which contained the stimulant that caused two of their athletes to be banned for three months after their test samples returned adverse analytical findings.

Club president Glen Mills revealed this development during a press conference held yesterday at Eden Gardens on Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew. The press conference was called so the club could tell their side of the story about how the athletes’ samples came to produce the adverse findings.

The two athletes who failed tests were sprinter Yohan Blake and Marvin Anderson.

“In 40 years of working in track and field, I have neither encouraged nor supported the use of banned substances to support athletic performances. I firmly believe in the principles of honesty and hard work as the tools of development of one’s God-given talent,” he said. “I am also a firm believer in my ability, honesty and expertise as a coach to develop any talent in any area of the world in the area of sprinting. I need no illegal help.”…..Read More

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  1. Coach,once you have your facts ACCURATE, deal with the matter proper! Yes, turn the torch! BUN OUT the de cheating deceiving Liars. The Athletes dun suffer the embarRAASment ,harRASSment,and the disgrace…..Dont Just talk, Deal with the matter proper Boss, set the thing straight!

  2. Yes, go ahead and try to sue the company and watch what happens when they pull the reports and discover your athletes were not using their product, but some other crap to mask what they are really taking.

  3. Mr. Mills is doing the right thing by SUGGESTING that he will sue, but I doubt if he ever does. He is a smart man, he isn’t stupid. He know’s the positive tests will blow over by the time track season rolls around next year. “Out of sight out of mind.” The lawsuit will be costly and could possibly open up a big can of worms. The punishment was light, so it really isn’t worth it. Mr. Mill’s PR people are only doing damage control!!! SMART!!!

  4. Mickey, Mickey, Mickey. Jamaicans do things a bit differently. it’s not the first time that jamaican athletes have had to sue to repair their reputation. amidst allegations of drugs. this is not like when some athletes say they’ve been framed but have no idea who framed them, as we’ve so often seen amongst athletes that are afraid to admit guilt. the culpret is right before the eyes of the world. This sports Nutrition company has cost a number of athletes irreparable damage to their reputation as well as lost wages. these athletes and their coaches would be insane not to sue.
    About a decade ago, Merlene Ottey had supposedly tested positive for Steroids. Remember Merlene? The most decorated Track and fiel star of all time!? She was so certain of her innocense that she sued WADA. The case didn’t even go to a trial. at the hearing it was found the the laboratory in charge of the test, incorrectly omitted values having to do with the specific Gravity of substances crucial to obtaining a correct result. in other words the error occured during the actual testing procedure to cause a false positive result. she sued and won. Thats what people do when they are sure of their innocense. I’m quite confident thats these five athletes will do the same Mickey.

  5. Wanynef, I realize you are FAN and you’re passionate about your Jamaican T&F, But this man is smart, it has nothing to do with being Jamaican , he’s bigger than Jamaican T&F and he know’s it. His camp know’s how to handle this! Greg Mills and his athletes are BIG TIME, he doesn’t think like an athlete or some FAN who thinks they know everything! He thinks like a business man/coach. He’s not some has been, washed up sprinter who needs to clear his or her name, he heads one of the most successful track groups in the world with big bucks at stake, things are done differently now!

  6. Mickey it seems to me that your saying Glen mills and company will make the decision that makes more sense from a business point of view. I don’t dissagree with that , but it would not make good business sense to avoid fighting this thing. For one, fighting this would help clear the names of the accused and subsequently help repair their reputation. Secondly, they could also sue for damages to their reputation as well as lost wages, because all of these athletes were running well and making good money while running on the circuit. and thaks for acknowledging my passion for my country.

  7. This was a damage control press conference! One of the oldest PR tricks in the books is to threaten to sue in front of the press but never actually do it or have any intentions of doing it. It is done in the hopes of gaining public support, believing you have nothing to hide and it helps support your innocense. He’s doing the right thing. I’m sure the cost of a long drawn out lawsuit certainly out weighs the wages lost by these athletes. Not worth it, cut your loses and move on. Believe me, he will not sue.

  8. Mickey, I’m not surprised that you know a thing or two about damage control, Being American and all. I don’t see the Radio Interview as damage control. If it were danmage control, it would have come a lot earlier. not over a month after the incident. I like your original Idea better. wherein you stated that Glen Mills ” …heads one of the most successful track groups in the world with big bucks at stake.” in support of your idea that Mills thinks like a businessman. Sueing is a great decission for all the folks that were hurt by this incident. from a business and a personal perspective. As for your point about the cost of the lawsuit dragging on and being costly. that is not an issue, because while the likes of Yohan blake and Marvin anderson are not yet millionaires, the have the backing of millionairs amongst them, in Bolt and his Coach.They would surely sue for legal costs, as well as damages to their reputations and lost earnings. that is common sense, and a great business move. The difference maker would be the fact that all the athletes would be able to train and compete during the Timeline of this type of lawsuit. Hope this makes it a little more clear for you.

  9. Wow, waynef, you’re a real a$$hole even for a Jamacian and that’s saying something. Mickey is entitled to his opinion no matter what nationality he is, so stop jingoistic bashing.

    If this WASN’T damage control, Mills wouldn’t be saying “we’re considering a lawsuit”, he’d have FILED ONE. Until Mills actually sues [and wins, if ever], all this is just posturing, plain and simple.

    Hope this makes it a little more clear for you.

  10. Wow Broadjumper. If I’m an a$$hole, you should call me daddy you piece-a $hit. I agree that Mickey is entitled to his opinion. it seems to me that you’re suggesting that i’m robbing Mickey of his opinion just because I express my own. what kinda $hithole do you live in you $hit. Until Mills actually Sues you, Mickey and myself have our Opinions and nothing more. I stick by mine you stick by Mickeys. Whio the hell gets hot headed and call’s someone a$$hole over their opinion. you seem to be very affected by my opinions. I read your and dissagree. whats all the cursing about c’mon Kid.

  11. Mickey, Broadjumper You hate it when people express any suspiscions of American athletes being Dirty . yet here you are trying to suggest that coach glen mills will never file a lawsuit against the makers of the vitamin suppliments containing the now banned substance that caused the “adverse analytical findings” of the five jamaican athletes. the charges that Mr. Mills made publicly against the company are very serious. if they were False do you not think that this company would have come forward to dispute the claims and to set the record straight. THINK!!!. Glen Mills did not make these charges in secrecy. He went Public. It’s so easy for you to see Glen mills as a possible dirty coach, yet ya’ll start trippin when american coach’s and athletes are mentioned as possible cheats. do you not find that type of attitude jingoistic Broadjumper? If you wanna see dirty players still in the game check out Shawn crawford and Carmelita Jeter, Crawford doped heavily up untill 2005 when almost his entire Track club got busted for roids, you remember. Justin gatling, marion jones, tim montgomery and at least 7 other athletes as well as coaches. Shawn Crawford and Melissa Barber narrowly escaped indictment because coahes and others protected them. Since then (2005) Crawford has not clocked one 100m race under 10 seconds. his last sub-10 clocking was a measely 9.99 in 2005. this after clockin 9.8’s several times in 2004, and 9.79 at least once. what do you make of that? You don’t have to answer. I know this ish makes you wanna curse some more. Lol. Shawn is supposed to be in his prime. he has suffered no significant injury since then. He just had his jet fuel taken away from him that’s all. what happened to Barber. She has yet to qualify to represent her country internationally in an individual event. they were never found guilty of Steroid use but they sure look guilty. it was a joke when I saw Marion Jones And her hot rod husband Tim Montgomery hotdoging it on the circuit as fastest man and woman on the planet. one year after steroids alligation in 2003, they both failed to make the american olympic teams. both of them ran dead last in the men and womens 100m finals America has a million stories like this. you can’t say anything like that about Jamaica. and we’ve been consistently showing up and claiming sprint medals at olympics since 1948 at distances of 400 and lower, on mens and women side. we didn’t even have a track program back then what other country has done so well with so little. American drug use in athletics has robbed jamaican athletes of many medals over the years. just as the East Germans and Russians have also done. everyone want to say , hey how come jamaicans are so fast all of a sudden? we’ve been their all the while, since 1948, winning medals, even when others were Doping.

  12. Mickey I always write with a big grin on my face. can’t you tell how much I enjoy expressin givin you knowledge.

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