“Wow, look at Caster now!” is the headline on a South African glossy magazine. It carries a picture of Caster Semenya, the athlete at the centre of a gender testing controversy, wearing makeup, jewellery, a new hairstyle and a glamorous dress.

The women’s 800m world champion, whose androgynous appearance sparked global debate, has been given a makeover in a photoshoot for You magazine.

Over four pages the teenager is seen modelling designer dresses, jackets, skirts, tight leather trousers and high heels. It is a radical departure for the woman who grew up in a rural village wearing trousers and tracksuits, playing football with boys and eschewing western fashions.

Her deep voice, masculine build and suddenly improved performances led to speculation over her sex and prompted world athletics’ governing body to order a gender test, the results of which are still unpublished….Read More

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