It has been interesting to hear the many excuses given for why Chicago did not win the bid to host the Olympics.

Rev. Jesse Jackson blamed it on Bush. This is generally the first sentiment expressed when there is a problem in the world today. Dow Jones is down – Bush’s fault; Gas prices are high – Bush’s fault; Trillions of dollars in debt – Bush’s fault; Hurricanes, crime, divorce, teen pregnancy – Bush Bush Bush. So it is only consistent we blame Bush for the loss of the Olympic bid.

“There must be” resentment against America, Jackson said. “The world had a very bad taste in its mouth about us. But there was such a turnaround after last November. The world now feels better about America and about Americans. That’s why I thought the president’s going was the deal-maker.”….Read More

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  1. You know, funny thing there.

    Syed Shahid Ali, an I.O.C. member from Pakistan, said following the announcement that pointed out that entering the United States can be “a rather harrowing experience;” unlike Brazil, which has a reciprocal visa agreement with all of the other countries participating, the US requires all visitors to jump through hoops to enter the country, unless you’re from one of the only 35 countries (mostly European) with a visa waiver.

    And since it was the Bush administration that put those requirements in place, that might be a valid argument.

  2. can you imagine how many genuine sports fans the us embassy world wide would turn away? some persons would definitely want 2 witness the games being close & all but would have a very difficult time;

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