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Chicago never stood a chance against Rio's naked women

Watching the American channels last week, we detected that native support for Chicago’s Olympic bid was a bit like that ultimately offered by the International Olympic Committee: not entirely universal.

There were many reasons for this, we learnt, CNN’s Jack Cafferty, the most endearing of grumpy old men, offering one: “Rio has naked people dancing; Chicago has chubby people eating.” Jack, then, while not wanting to seem unpatriotic, appeared to be rooting for Rio, but not just because of the nakedness issue.

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“Corruption, cronyism and cost overruns are guaranteed,” he said on the Situation Room , quoting the group set up to oppose the bid. “Hey – it’s Chicago,” he shrugged, causing us to gasp just a little bit. But he’s from the city, so he’s allowed say what everyone else is thinking….Read More

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