Sports administrators around the world will be hoping fervently that the weekend’s “One year to go” milestone for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi will at last prompt the Indian organisers of the event to begin feverishly completing plans, venues and accommodation.

If it doesn’t, there is little chance the Indian capital will be ready to host the commonwealth. There have been construction delays on virtually every venue planned for the Games, from the stadium to the athletes’ village. Once the deadline for completion was the end of this year, now it is March next year, and if there are more delays, the organising committee will not have the opportunity to test the venues, and iron out any logistical issues, before the Games begin.

Just days ago, Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell attempted to put a rocket under the local organisers, warning that Delhi was in danger of hosting a flop.

“Our concerns are such that unless there is significant change in the management culture and operation of the organising committee, these Games will fail from an operational perspective,” the Jamaican wrote….Read More

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