The following list of athletes below where confirmed by the International Association of Athletics Federations for Doping Violations.

Heading the list of athletes are those from Brazil and Spain. Among them is Spanish sprint hurdler Josephine Onyia, who received a two year ban after failing two post-race doping tests earlier this year.

Raymond TANUI (KEN), Use or attempted use of EPO / Possession of EPO, 2 years ineligibility

Josephine ONYIA (ESP), Clenbuterol / 4-Methyl-2-hexanamine, 2 years ineligibility

Tomas SANCHIS (ESP), Cocaine, 2 years ineligibility

Esther ALVAREZ HERERO (ESP), Ephedrine, 3 months ineligibility

Liza HUNTER-GALVAN (NZL), rh-EPO, 2 years ineligibility

Aleksey KOROLEV (RUS), Methandienone, 2 years ineligibility

Josiane TITO DA SILVA (BRA), rh-EPO, 2 years ineligibility

Bruno DE BARROS (BRA), rh-EPO, 2 years ineligibility

Lucimara Silvestre DA SILVA (BRA), rh-EPO, 2 years ineligibility

Jorge Célio da Rocha SENA (BRA), rh-EPO, 2 years ineligibility

Luciana FRANCA (BRA), rh-EPO, 2 years ineligibility

Lucimar TEODORO(BRA), Fenproporex, 2 years ineligibility

Marcos FELIX(BRA), Prednisolone, 3 months ineligibility

Johana TRIVINO URRUTIA (COL), Stanozolol, 2 years ineligibility

Margarita TAPIA GACIA (MEX), Betamethasone, 6 months ineligibility

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