An emergency meeting has been held today by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to discuss final plans for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi after preparations were again criticised by international officials.

Mike Fennell, the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), warned during the group’s Assembly which has been held in the Indian capital this week that he still had fears about next year’s event, which is due to open on October 3 and run until October 14.

After six days of inspecting the venues and the Games Village, Fennell had said that all the members of the CGF were reassured that the infrastructure and facilities would be ready in time for the necessary overlay installations and test events…..Read More

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  1. If Delhi couldnt host, this would be huge shame because the Commonwealth Games are one of the few things that are actually good about the modern Commonwealth. There’s an interesting consultation on the future of the CW at where its clear that sport is about the only thing the CW has going for it.

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