Two-hundredths of a second is all that separated compatriots Shelly-Ann Fraser and Kerron Stewart in the 100 metres finals at the IAAF World Champion-ships in Berlin this summer, as the pair dismissed the rest of the field en route to a Jamaica one-two in the highly anticipated event and in the process, fueling speculation of a fiery rivalry.

This, however, was not the first time that the two sprinting stars were facing each other, as they had faced the starter together on three previous occasions prior to the World Championships final this year, including the National Championships at the National Stadium, and the IAAF Golden Gala in Rome.

“Shelly and I are good friends,” Stewart said. “I think people misunderstand the competition part of it. I love to win; she loves to win. none of us steps on the track to lose, but at the end of the race, she is my friend.”….Read More

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