A dilemma has arisen out of the seeming unavailability of triple world record holder, Usain Bolt, to visit Singapore to assist in the promotion of World Youth Games in that country next year. This has triggered statements from both his management team and the Minister of Sports, Mrs. Olivia Grange.

Asafa Powell, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Dexter Lee have signaled their intention to attend, the same response has not come from the Bolt handlers.

Media practitioner, Carole Beckford, speaking as publicist for the Berlin triple world champion, explains his position “Usain’s participation in the Singapore mission was always an issue based on his schedule”.

“There was always an attempt to fit in the seven days in which he was required, however, due to some previous commitments to sponsors, which is normal during this time of year, it was always proving to be difficult to fit the seven days in as was requested,” she explained….Read More

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