Olympic champion Samuel Wanjiru was not a happy man when he landed from the US having won the Chicago Marathon.

The youngster did not only win the race, but he did so in style breaking a ten-year-old record held by Moroccon-born American Khalid Khannouchi stopping the clock in 2 hours 5 minutes 41 seconds.

Wanjiru was not impressed with the way Kenyan athletes have been treated by the authorities and suggested that could be the reason some of them have preferred to compete for the oil-rich Gulf States.

Wanjiru’s comments came hot on the heels of the reception that we gave to Olympic and world champion Usain Bolt of Jamaica……Read More

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  1. I am a proud Jamaican. I have always been a fan of track and field, as I have been a fan of sports in general. I strongly agree with the sentiments expressed by the athlete (Samuel Wanjiru). I am a huge fan of african distance runners. I grew up having always associating distance running with Kenyans and Ethiopins. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that their craft were being taken for granted among their own. These athletes are world Elites and should be recognized, celebrated and honoured for the pride they’ve bestowed upon their country. This is an Unfortunate and sad story.

  2. I totally agree with Samuel Wanjiru, the Kenyans should really honor the athletes especially teh distance one. They have been anything short of being Superb on the tracjk and field arena. I as a jamaican really look up to them for their continued dominace and determination and passion with which they represent their country. LIFT THEM UP KENYA U OWE IT TO THEM. Now on Bolts welcome. Where ever he goes on the face of the earth he ought to be welcomed in this fashion. Wanjiru The world has never seen an athlete like this one Bolt in their lifetime. unlike for long distancerunning we have see the ethiopians , the morocans and kenyans. LOok at it this way from the onset of track and field we have seen chapions of the 100 and 200 meters but not in a fashion such as this. He truly deserved the welcome. ANYWAY KENYA LIFT UP THE RUNNERS. PAMELA JILERMO LOVE ALWAYS FROM JAMAICA

  3. hi waynef whats up i agree with ur point but pete has taken it i little further & i have 2 agree with him bolt transcends the sport he goes beyond just track. i read the article further & found out more about pamela jelimo i hope she can can get over her injury she is very frugal the article i googled says she is a constable in kenya & something tells me she is in no hurry 2 adopt any animal which she is used 2 in kenya

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