The highly-anticipated two-leg USA versus Jamaica challenge remains a possibility according to president of the Jamaica Amateur Athletics Association (JAAA) Howard Aris.

“We have had two meetings with the USA Track and Field people, one in Berlin (in August) and one here in Kingston (in October) to try to move forward with the idea of what they call the USA versus Jamaica Challenge,” Aris told the Jamaica Observer yesterday, noting that both associations are interested in pursuing the venture, provided the necessary sponsorship can be identified.

Eight months ago on March 7, Doug Logan, the CEO of USA Track and Field (USATF), hand-delivered an initial letter to NACAC president Neville ‘Teddy’ McCook inviting Jamaica to engage in a home-and-away series in 2009 that would pit the two nations’ sprinters and hurdlers against each other in head-to-head, team-scored competition….Read More

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  1. Doug Logan says they are trying to get sponsorship to offset the cost of putting on the events but there doesn’t seem to be too much interest among big corporations.

    Am I the only one who finds this matchup an insult to athletes from other countries?

    Considering the chip that America still carries against GB, wouldn’t a better and more inclusive rivalry be a matchup of US vs the Commonwealth, wouldn’t that draw a lot more spectators and interest and sponsorship $$ within the US which is what they are trying to (but can’t) do? Or if that’s too much how about the US vs the Caribbean? I think the US vs Jamaica is a slap in the face to champion athletes like Dayron Robles or Brathwaite as if their accomplishments meant nothing. It would also help to cultivate more athletic programs on the smaller islands

  2. hissing teeth cho this is like a dying dog taking its last bite its over the us needs to get over the ass whooping and its true mayb it would make more sense to compete against the caribbean yeah stacy your suggestion sound a little more rational its like them just hot for us so

  3. Minnie, they know our potential long time and know that we are the major threat to there sprint domination… that is why most of our good potentials who got scholarship,,,were deliberately overworked like beast of burden….so at the end of the day…they either quit the sports or burned themselves out….and it is proven…just take a look at the home-made athletes and there performances over the last couple of years…they {USA} new that these days were coming…the writing was always on the wall….but you know how the saying goes… can delay the inevitable… but you can,t deny it.

  4. Stacy, a we dem want…they called us ( jamaicans ) out…they slap jamaica in the face…as to say our china sprinting was a one time thing…so wi did it again
    in berlin…if them still want to try us let them come…but it must be J.A vs U.S.A…
    as for as caribbean vs usa that weak…i dont get hard for caricom…i get hard for
    jamaica…jamaica all the way…

  5. roots let it go why you business with what that one is saying him not so righted you know and you would be just as bad to ask him anything you dont see all he can say is “not” the internet is charging him for every word he says.

  6. Minnie, you crack me up….lol…is the same thing i was saying a couple of weeks ago….oogod Minnie u mek mi laff

  7. Let the USA wait until 2011 at the WAC to see if they can beat us and the rest of the world too for that matter. A US vs Jamaica match up is an insult to us.

    Do you think they would want one with us if the shoe was on the other foot?

  8. pc you mad they would want no such match they would say we kicked your ass in bejing and berlin what are you trying to do have us whoop your ass again but straight up i smell a rat

  9. by the way didd any1 read the jamaica observer dated 16/2/2010 re lamine diaks comments what oonu think march out roots stacy waynef angela bunny g and pc talk up 2 me what oonu think if you never but it log on or go to meet the

  10. Minnie i read only snippets of what i beleive he was saying. My take on his comments are that his announcement to the world about our athletic system is so, so, we really doesn’t need any selling at this point. We have perfected something that cannot and will not be duplicated ever. Forgive me Minnie i’ll elaborate more gotta run doing a report.

  11. fair enough good luck on the report for me iv got one more weeks mat leave so you are busy fair enough my take was it is a little late for that we have been doing well for some time now but playing feild was not level until probably the past say three to four years the rest is history which iv spoken about time and time again thank you for your prompt response.

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