Rachel Christie, the niece of Olympic sprinter Linford Christie, has been accused of punching fellow beauty queen Sara Beverley Jones in the face in a row over her boyfriend.

Miss Christie, 21, who has been withdrawn from next month’s Miss World contest in South Africa, is also a heptathlete who hopes to win a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.

The pair allegedly got into an fight in a Manchester club after Miss Jones, 24, showed Miss Christie, from Kensington, a provocative message she claimed was from Miss Christie’s boyfriend — television gladiator David McIntosh. McIntosh, 23, stars as Tornado in the Sky1 series Gladiators. The former marine used to date Miss Jones, who is the current Miss Manchester.

It is claimed, after seeing the message, Miss Christie hit Miss Jones “several times” in the face in the Mansion club in the city centre……Read More

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