Olympic 2004 half-lap champion Shawn Crawford reported to camp today and began workouts with John Smith is the word I’ve gotten this afternoon. Potentially filling that void in Smith’s camp left by the retirement of Maurice Greene in 2006.

Crawford brings an already impressive resume to practice. Bests of 9.88 and 19.79. Apart from his Olympic gold medal in Athens, he’s also scored silver in the event in 2008, and bronze in 2001. Crawford has been one of the US’s most consistent sprinters this decade, slowed only by foot problems in 2005 that seemed to hamper him for a couple of seasons. Crawford rebounded nicely in ’08 and ’09 as he ran 19.86 and 19.89 (19.73w) putting him squarely in the global mix and on the podium once again following his gold medal performance in ’04……Read More

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  1. Why am I not surprised by this move? Another project Bolt! Also not surprised by his choice of coaches. a long time friend and business associate of non other than Victor conte and Trevor Graham.

  2. this whole thing is a big joke it seems….these steroids affiliated athletes and coaches are too bareface.

  3. Okay Minnie, let me spell it out in as few words as I can. Here is John smith, former coach of Mauarice Green, You remember, they same Maurice Green that wired over 10,000 dollars to a notorious drug dealer in order to pay for steroids for his teamates, as stated by Maurice himself. John Smith the same man that admitted to purchasing drugs from Victor Conte, even though he claims that he only purchased legal stuff, News flash Vioctor Conte does not sell legal suppliments for financial gain, there is no money to be made from selling Vitamins suppliments. John Smith needs to come out and declair wich ones of his former athletes Maurice Green was supplying with drugs, and Shawn Crawford and Jeter should not be associating themselves with the likes of John Smith if they are not interested in Steroids! Hell Who am I Kidding? Not interested in Drugs! It seems as though some folks are Chronically addicted to PEDs. Maybe they try to Quit but for them it must be like trying to kick a cigarette habbit after a decade of Nicotine. by the way, here is the link for that recently caught drug offender: http://www.universalsports.com/news/article/newsid=405613.html

  4. lol wayne we know that but i want you 2 put it in words 4 me lol them really bareface roots but i think crawford got tired of seeing the botttom of usain and spearmans spikes. i really like spearman i think hes the real deal . i felt so bad for him when he was told he was disqualified one point he was looking 2 train here the plans fell through though or he changed his mind.

  5. Yes Mickey. Travor Graham is Most definately Jamaican born. although he has spent the majority Of his life in The USA, where he no doubt, succumbed to the pressure of opperating in a drug tainted environment. I have very few if any kind things to ay about Trevor Graham. I almost feel sorry for him in a sence. because he definatley got the worst deal of all they athletes and coaches and drug pushers involved in the Balco scandal. here his greates crime was not the fact that he took steroids, because he did not, his greatest crime was not the fact that he allowed and even supported drug use by his thletes, because all the athletes involved are adults. Trevor Graham’ws greatest crime was lying to federal investigators under oath. Something that Maurice Green did and walked away without penalty, something that John smith did and walked away without penalty, victor Conte also lied to the FBI and escaped more serious penalty by snitching on a few others. so yes he is Jamaican but he’s been cooking in your American “melting pot” for the majority of his life. I dop give Trevor Graham credit for one thing though. He was the man that single handedly blue the whistle on Victor Conte’s opperation, by sending a syringe of THG to the FBI. That move brought down the Balco Steroids Opperation and thousands of athletes got exposed, though some of them like Baseball players and hockey players escaped without serious penalty because MLB Baseball did not have a Drug policy at the time. for that move alone I think that Trevor Graham was a god send.

  6. you see the question he ask Waynef….IS TREVOR GRAHAM JAMAICAN….this is one of the reason why i,m in limbo with SANYA RICHARDS….because here she is…running on a dirty team that is cheating us {jamaica} out of our glory….don,t get me wrong…i,m not in any way saying that she,s dirty… but the team she represents is….also…when she wins a race and beat our girls….she,s also taking from us…because the glory goes to the country she represents….and that’s why i have to love, respect and honor those that stay loyal and patriotic to the country and to the cause…because on matter what the price is…or the {AMAIZING OPPORTUNITY} that is being offered to tham… like SANYA RICHARDS to represent the american track team…they think it would be more of an AMAIZING OPPORTUNITY to represent there own jamaica. GUYS LET ME HERE YOUR TAKE ON THIS.

  7. Why is Sanya Richards running on a dirty team? Who is she working with? Accusing athletes of using steroids cause they’re working with certain coaches is quite annoying. What about Bolt’s teammates who was busted should we know accuse Bolt too?What about Ato Boldon he also worked with Jon smith is he also a suspect?

  8. I have no sympathy for Graham. He did something wrong, he was given a deal, he broke the agreement, he got busted. It’s like speeding. Everybody does it but only a few get stopped and even fewer get a ticket. Graham just happened to be the one to get busted for lying. Tough break, but it’s not like he was an innocent.

    As for Sanya, I have no sympathy for her either. Based on her video blogs at WC, she seems like a nice person and she appears to have a close relationship with the Jamaican sprinters, but even so, I don’t care. If she had chosen to compete for her country, the question of whether or not she would get to keep her olympic medal would not be in question right now. I don’t view just her as a turncoat. I also feel that way about the Africans who compete for the middle eastern countries. I feel that if you have any sense of national pride or loyalty, you don’t assist another country with their medal tally and monetary gain. Ergo, since she feels no loyalty to Jamaica then there is no need for a Jamaican (i.e. me) to cheer for her. she runs for America, let them cheer for her.

  9. Stacy, Tony Roots, Waynef & Minnie, I look forwward to the comments you all post on this site and I share quite the same sentiments. Keep the comments coming and keep educating Mickey since he has nothing to post that makes sense here

  10. my exact sentiment & that is why we feel the way we do stacy & adding 2 that iv heard she is nice but i dont know she keeps referring 2 us as “the jamaicans” that speaks volumes & lastly it was only in recent times since we have been winning the medals that iv witnessed her associating with us before that i never saw it as prevalent personally i like her my son is crazy about her but 2b very honest i dont enjoy her seeing her win.

  11. roots it is what it is i do agree with you but you know what as stacy says let the us cheer 4 her i have a confession 2 make i could not sleep when she won last year i was just hoping sherika or mills would beat her i know christine was injured so she couldnt conquer her. i was esctatic when sherika & christine beat her i can never feel a sense of joy 4 her look thats how i feel. i think she ran 4 the us because at the time they were doing well whether by fair or unfair means

  12. I’ve been keepin my cards close to chest for some time now, but I just want to Make it clear that I tip my hat to Anneisha McLaughlin to be a seriuos force in the 200m and 100m at the next world champs and Olympics. she will definately be a medalist. This girl used to school Allyson Felix and Shelly-Ann Fraser at the high school level. She was Plagued by injuries during her collegiate career, to the point where she missed almost two years of competition and almost quit. she returned to Jamaica after College and Stephen Francis wasted no time in tracking her down, like he did with Fraser. three words, “World Watch Out”.

  13. waynef then no that me a talk say man how she went up & kept getting injury came back home under francis & was able 2 make the final she used 2 attend holmwood. she is however a success story and one of the few persons who have received track scholarship gotten lost in the system and was able 2 salvage her career. i would like you or stacy 2 rack your brain and tell me if you remember daphne fearon and euginie beason these middle distance runners they were rivals at champs but got track scholarships was it daphne fearon that collapsed in a race i think so but please see if you can confirm that 4 me or was it her rival

  14. Waynef– Do not get ‘ caught up’ with Mickey and his satirical games or follies, he’s trying rather hard to be funny at times and he’s not. He’s well aware that Mr Graham is a Jamaican and i knew exactly why he choose to ask the question. I CAN JUST SEE THE SMUG ON HIS FACE.

  15. Angela I’m well aware of what Mickey is trying to do. I have never claimed that Jamaican athletes or coaches are above cheating, because anyone can cheat. the point that I’ve always maintained is that the Athletics atmosphere in Jamaica is very different from that of the Athletics climate in the USA. we just don’t have a victor Conte or Angel Guillerm Heredia. There has been Ben Johnson, Graham and a few others that are Jamaican born and have found themselve involved in Steroids scandals, but they are jamaica Based athletes or coaches. they learned to do all of this dirt abroad, a result of the dirty athletics climate that they opperated in. If you take a Monk from Tibbett, and put him in the streets of London Or Brooklyn, he is bound adapt to the ways of his new environment. Can anyone imagine what it must be like Trevor Graham or John Smith. You spend your life doing the Job you love, Only to have a man like Victor Conte approach you and say, I want to put your athlete on a program to Improve his/her performance and help you “level the playing field” , so to speak. You refuse to get yourself or your atletes involved in his plan, then you find out that Victor Conte is Luering your top athletes, that you’ve spent much of your carreer developing, to sign up with other coaches behind your back. that has to be a bitter pill to swallow. that is what Trevor Graham and John smith were up against. that is why Graham sent the Syringe contining THG to the FBI. So I do feel some sympathy for Graham and I would feel some sympathy for John Smith if he were caught. because they are really a victim of their environment. Victims of Victor Conte. unfortunatly in order to clean up the US Athletics Climate you also have to get rid of these coaches that succumbed to the pressure. That said, I think that Victor Conte and the athletes themselves, should shoulder the bulk of the responsibility and the blame. Unfortunatley Victor Conte is also one of the FBI’s greatest Assets in fighting the war on drugs. he alone made many hundreds of convictions possible. that is the only reason why he avoided spending decades in jail. I personally think that the USATF should file a civil suite against him for ruining the sport of Track & Field in their Country. but then again Victor Conte probably has information that could damage or at least seriously embarrass USATF.

  16. Waynef I am listening keep talking my brother…spill the beans (lol) I agree with you about Victor and now he wants to point finger at our Jamaica athlete him and dat bwoy Carl Lewis.\
    Now about dat girl Sanya Richards word is dat (said at Penn Relays lasy year in section N) dem did buss de daddy, Archie) with some stuff in FTL dats y she made de commitment to run fi di U.S. or him wouldd go a jail. Yeah I am not a fan of her either and I must admit I was not happy when she won the WC 400m. Now dat she win dem put her pon a pedestal fi just win one race and keep refreeing to us as de Jamaicans. Christine still bigger than her having won World, Olympic and Commonwealth titles. Dat is my opinion


  18. Oh Minnie I’m really sorry about not responding to your questions from previous comments. I really wish that I could tell you something about Daphne Fearon or Euginie Beason but their time came and went in the eighties. before my high school years. I was into track at that time but only running because I loved to run. I was a fan as well but their is no way That i would have carried those names with me over so many years. especially if the names did not keep resurfacing in the media. these folks are vaguely familiar to me, but in name only. on a different note, I must commend your good memory and your obvious love for our beloved country. One Love!

  19. Hi Angela, Sorry but I’m not sure where to get tickets for the New York leg of the DIAMOND LEAGUES MEET. I don’t actually live in New York. Hope you find Tickets.

  20. JamflBoi i share the same sentiments with you sanya(see previous posts) but you have 2b sure about what you are saying b4 saying it that is a very very serious allegation & athough i dont like the fact that she won this is a very serious thing 2 mention

  21. & if it is true then it would look as if her hands were forced to run 4 the us which straight up in my opinion me no think so i honestly think that she ran for them because they were kicking our butts by dishonest means & it appeared as if they were on top so she decided she wants 2b on the winning team. i also feel that she did not associate herself with us until started to excel. lastly i dont care if she choose 2 run for the us that is her decision and she will have 2 live with it whether or not she regrets it she cannot change it now. and that is why i pray that christine or sherika brings her to her knees again. do you remember this jamaican girl sandra farmer-patrick who didnt qualify for the us trials & wanted to go to our trials 2 run for us and good sense prevailed by the jaaa who did not allow her to run for us we were so happy at the time the next time when she qualified for a major championship she did not get a medal. these things have a way of coming back to haunt you sanya lucky her nerves never take her this time unless she would be in dire straits. as bunny say no use crying over spilt milk she decide to run for us thats her decision and so what

  22. Sorry Jamflboi, I’m not buying it. Where are you getting your info?
    First track is not a major sport in the US. Second, Sanya had never even won a championship gold until last year so it’s not as if she was a ever a “big-wig” for the US at the time of this “deal”. If they can bust much more famous athletes (like NFL and baseball players for drugs or dog fighting) there is no way they are going to give Sanya’s father (who is a nobody to them) a bligh to get her to run for the US, especially since she was only 17 when she was naturalized. The idea is preposterous.

  23. I can’t help but to agree with you minnie and JamfIBoi. It has always puzzled me to try and figure out why some athletes trade in the colours of their homeland to represent another country. That, to me is the most unpatriotic act imaginable in sports. I compare that to soldiers picking up arms for another country to do battle against their brothers and sisters from the place of their birth. That is why I respect athletes VCB, Kerron Stewart and Bigga Thomas even though they had something to gain by training abroad they don’t turn on their own. I think such people are seriously lacking in pride. One of my favourite part of watching Olympic and world competitions is to see athletes that represent some small countries. and they come out waving their native flag in hand. these people are trail blazers in their own right and I’m always so overwhelmed with emotion and respect when I see that sort of thing. Kathy freeman comes to mind. she was the lone Australian aboriginal that copped silver for her people in 1996 and ghold in 2000. Unbeleivable courage in that women. I also read an article in the Jamaica Gleaner, about a Jamaican MLS soccer player that plays for Toronto FC . the Canadian Coach has been doing everything to luer this man (O’brian White) to play for team canada, since he currently resides in Canada as a member of Toronto FC. White has not even been selected to represent Jamaica, but he refuses to Join Team Canada in hopes that his Native land will call him into action at some point. I had to admire his love for his country. This is the link to that story: http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20100202/sports/sports1.html
    I remember a time when Ottey decided not to compete for Jamaica anymore but she had good reason and I cannot ever blame her for that. she was iltreated by jamaica at that time.

  24. yes i love freeman 2. can you remember andrea thomas this jamaican teenaged athlete who represented jamaica at the carifta games and other major track events she is also in the same situation as sanya but chose 2 represent us. ottey is a different case she run 4 that county after she gave us her best years really she represented them when she had a little left in her and yes she had a warm time i think it was a series of events that led to it if my memory serves me correct it was a little bit after that drug case when the findings were that she was innocent she got a raw deal because she was competing against a set of druggies who label her bronze queen i remember when evelyn ashford in an interview was asked whether she thought ottey posed a threat her response was no she always comes third (im not implying ashford took drugs but im saying that this was otteys problem) so even when she stood a good chance of gold there was always some1 to rob (namely jones) her i think she competed for that country because she realised that her days were done but she still was not ready to retire

  25. oh waynef i forgot to add many persons do not know this but ottey was married to a high jumper named page milt or nat page i think who was an american so she could have well represented the us if she wanted the question was posed to her at the time whether she would and she in no uncertain terms wanted to repesent jamaica still so if you did not know that about your girl here is something els

  26. Sanya Richards decided to compete for the US because she wanted to be on a well financed, well established, superior team. That’s it. She chose money over patriotism and over loyalty. Now she may visit Jamaica all the time and she can pretend to like the Ja sprinters all she wants, but where and when it really mattered, she decided to bail on her homeland. She gets no respect from me.

    She wrote a blog last year disagreeing with how the US team selection process goes. She claimed that some of the best athletes are always left out because for whatever reason they don’t make the top 3. e.g. walter dix, lolo jones not going to Berlin, and that with what happened at the Olympics the US needed to change the selection process. She also says that another country was happy when their main US rivals did not qualify and that the US selection process made it easier for them cheer that that rival was not present.

    Well, let’s think this through Sanya. She is upset the US athletes have to peak at nationals and again for the championships. Jamaica has the same system. She complained that only the top 3 athletes go to the championships. Jamaica has the same system. Obviously for the sprints the only rivals are Jamaica and the US so there is no doubt in my mind that she was refering to Jamaica. She wasn’t happy that Jamaica did well. She was mad the selection process made it “easier” for another country to beat the US. I remember many Jamaicans feeling that the Jamaican selection process was flawed and wanted SAF replaced with VCB. We all know how that ended.

    I want to tell Sanya, stop whining. There were no complaints when the US selection process had them winning virtually all the events. The process hasn’t changed. The athletes have. The drug screening has. The competition has. She made the wrong choice, she needs to live with it and stop whining.

  27. Yes Minnie Ottey was married to an American 400 hurdler named Nat Page. Milt was her brother. an unbelievably talented high jumper. represented canada and won a medal in either 1984 or 1988. can’t quite remember I was not even a teenager yet but I remember Milt. My because uncle was good friends with him.

  28. I like your point of view Stacey. I also thought she was whining about nothing. such is the nature of track and field. I would hat to think that if I were a newcomer on the scene and I put a good race plan together and finally conquored one of my main rivals, some rule change would allow a governing body to replace me with someone that i’ve beaten because they are considered a veteran of the sport.

  29. Thanks waynef. It’s always interesting to get a peak into what these athletes think and sometimes it’s really surprising. Lauren williams wrote a blog complaining that not enough attention/praise was given to those who get second place and was irritated that all the attention was given to Bolt and not to Gay. That’s when I knew something was wrong with that girl.

  30. a true oonu a talk that is why stacy i also read the blog no matter what any1 says it is my belief that she only start associate with us after we start winning before she never fart on we i like her but she gets no respect from me either referring 2 us as “the jamaicans” oh please. waynef a so you young i was in high school at the time so see with me sometimes i try 2 rely 2 much on memory 2 get by this is like from the 70’s iv been following track so sometimes the brain gets a little rusty thats why at times i ask oonu to kotch me up.
    stacy lauren is history shes not relevant anymore she needs 2 get an agent or publicist before making these comments and id probably say the same about ms richards

  31. Thank u-all for sharing your thoughts…your comments..and your knowledge on sanya richards, it was very stimulating…but dam, oonu mek mi haffi drag it out-a oonu. lol

  32. Lol minnie I’m a 70’s born person but people say i look more like an 80’s child. I only thing about sports that I can remember from my 80’s childhood in Jamaica is My uncles and grand parents talking about Don Quary as if he were the President of the world and Heasley Crawford was leader of the opposition party, trying to overthrow him. I also remember Alberto Juanterino of cuba, but I have no clue what he looked like. I remember in 2004 when I finally saw Don Quary on Tv, I couldn’t believe that he was such an ordinary looking man. the way my Folks talked about him I was expecting someone 6’10” tall and floating around on a bed of cloud, lol. I now respected DQ even more now. because I saw an ordinary man that seemed to have been able to do extra-ordinary things.

  33. Stacy and others I am sorry if i took this 2 far. I humbly apologize I would not want to upset or cause any trouble for anyone. I was just trying to discuss what i heard last year at the Penn Relays when the same topic of discussion came up about her switching allegiance to the U.S. She was warming up to run the 4X4 relays US vs. the World and the folks who were talking mentioned the World Junior Games and her running there that’s when they said she made the decsison to represent the U.S. just before the the games were held in Jamaica. She became a U.,S. citizen just prior to the games. Remember Aneisha McLaughlin (200 M silver) and her very own Lashinda Demus (400 m gold) beat her out but the Jamaicans were cherring for her nevertheless.

  34. jamflboi no need to apologise im not offended (i cant talk for others) but sometimes we have 2b very careful about when we repeat what we hear when there is no info 2 back it up or it no sound 2 rational no disrespect to you. waynef im a 60’s child but iv managed 2 remain in excellent physical shape so as you can imagine i dont look my age im still recouping from a ceasarian anyways it seems you have been naturalised for a very long time but managed to stay in close touch with jamdown i love it persons remember their roots on a different note you mad how can you not know what el cabello looks like try to see if you can look him up on you tube he runs a 800m like a quartermile he is crazy. and yes at that time dq was the shit but now he is getting a lot of flack by being on the jaaa that my friend is another story. crawford as you know was his rival so we all looked forward to those epic battles

  35. jamflboi there is no need to apolgize. I certainly wasn’t upset over anything you posted. I just want to point out that if you stop to think about it, it doesn’t make sense and it also puts a bad light on a lot of people. First and foremost, there is an implication that Archie is doing/smuggling drugs, which since i have yet to even find an arrest report puts a bad light on him and is very unfair. That man loves Jamaica. There is no need to put down one of our own without a shred of evidence. Since Sanya would have been underage when this supposed deal was struck, her parents would have been the ones to make this deal, which means that they would be willing to sacrifice her honor to save him. What parent would do that? Especially one who is as devoted and protective as Archie is to Sanya.

    Rumors are very easy to spread, I’m just saying don’t help to spread them unless they can be substantiated.

  36. He looked much better than he did last year. It says something that he can run a 45 with delayed training and without taking it seriously. Really no reason he can’t take the WR at this distance too if he wanted it.

  37. and you know i think he is capable but during one of these major games i heard he doesn’t like the quartermile i also read that he bargained with mills that f he ran a certain time 4 the 100m he could forget about the 400m. prepartion 2 run a quartermile is very rough even the race itself is tough much less we will wait and see f he will in fact switch.

  38. All that is true. He absolutely hates the 400, but as he said, he does what his coach tells him to do and if he wants him to run the 400 he doesn’t see anyway out of it. I think the only thing that will save him is if he strikes another deal like what he did with the 100, like maybe if he can jump a certain distance Mills will allow him to take that up instead of the 400. I hope not. I think if he could hold the WR at all three distances would be a better feat than the long jump and impossible for anyone else to replicate.

  39. the long jump is a recipie 4 disaster f he take that up not even the 100m he mayb able 2 run that thing attracts injury like wow it is a risk better him stick 2 the evil that he knows boy the quartemile rough and so technical any error and its over i guess we could say that for the shorter sprints but if you remember sanya in bejing then you will see what im saying

  40. jamfiboi…from where I sat in the grandstand in 2002 I heard boos for Sanya, not cheers, for folks were upset with her for turning her back on Jamaica. I for one was very happy that she lost, even though I did not join the chorus of boos..

  41. i could care less about sanya switching allegiance to run for the U.S. there are plenty of athletes who is coming up and will do jamaica proud so what if she goes. just count your loses. debbie dunn is a jamaican also and i dont give a biscuit about her either.
    i am gonna tell you the truth i was happy when she didnt win that olympic gold medal though.

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