Gavyn Jerome Nero, perhaps Trinidad and Tobago’s (T&T) most decorated athlete in the history of the CARIFTA Games, is settling down well this Fall at Baylor University in Texas, USA. The 19-year-old middle-distance star is gearing up for a scintillating season in his new American playground: the indoor and outdoor National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) meets.

Having displayed pure dominance in Caribbean middle-distance running at the junior level, Gavyn, the Fatima College (T&T) graduate, is now taking his show to Texas. Over the past four years, he has racked up a dozen CARIFTA medals. His crowning performance, however, came this year, when he erased a Games record that stood for more than two decades……Read More

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  1. This is a kid that displays excellent talent, hope his body is strong for the Baylor coaching staff workout. A few athletes went there with tremendous talent but got burned out because their body couldn’t handle the work load.

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