During the last few years, Panama – until then a relatively quiet nation in term of athletics – has made its presence felt in our sport, mostly thanks to the medals obtained by long jumper Irving Saladino, the 2007 World and 2008 Olympic champion. But now, the latest man to emerge from the South-Central American nation to shock to world is sprinter Alonso Edward.

The silver medal at the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin, obtained by Edward in a South American record time of 19.81, has placed him among the best, bringing along a shocking stat: at age 19, he was faster than the fastest-ever: Jamaican Usain Bolt, who at 19 years of age could “only” ran 19.88.

“After the race in Berlin, I wasn’t that surprised by the time because his training indicated it he was ready for it,” says Edward’s coach, Matt Kane. “But certainly the fact that he became the fastest 19-year-old-ever took a while for it to sink in.”….Read More

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  1. His mother is Jamaican and I can bet his Panamanian fathers with Edwards for a surname has Jamaican roots too. We yardies can’t hide when we run, we just come to the top naturally.

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