LONDON — Olympic leaders are finally ready to distribute the individual medals stripped from Marion Jones for doping — but withhold the 100-meter gold from another drug-tainted athlete.

Officials with direct knowledge of the plan spoke to The Associated Press on Monday on condition of anonymity because the decision hasn’t been announced yet.

Nine years after the 2000 Games, the International Olympic Committee is set to allocate some of the five medals — three gold and two bronze — that Jones won in Sydney with the aid of performance-enhancing drugs.

At a two-day meeting starting Wednesday in Lausanne, Switzerland, the IOC executive board will decide to hand out Jones’ gold in the 200 meters and bronze in the long jump but not give disgraced Greek sprinter Katerina Thanou the 100-meter gold, officials told the AP…..Read More

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  1. Sorry Minne. I have to dissagree with you on this one. This is in no way shape or form, something that I would call justice. I think that the IOC should do the right thing and upgrade Merlene Otteys Medal to silver and Tanya Lawrences Medal to gold. Since both Marion Jones and Greek sprinter Katerina Thanou were involved in there own doping Scandal. Thanou, for anyone who does not remember, is the Greek athlete that finished second in the 100m behind Jones in 2000 Olympics. since then, her coach has been involved in a lengthy court battle that lasted almost 5 years, for having administering Steroids to a number of his athletes. He eventually was able to avoid going to prison because of some technical errors on the part of prosecutors. nonetheless Thanou was a part of the Greek track team in 2004. a team for which she did not compete because She was tipped off about new detection techniques implimented by the IOC to help catch drug cheats. knowing that she would surely fail any drug tests, she then collaborated with her boyfriend and training partner to fake a motor cycle accident and check themselves into hospital in an attempt to avoid the drug tests. the only problem is that their own Athens Police investigators realized that the accident was staged in an attempt to avoid Doping Control. Thanou and her boyfriend quickly withdrew from the Greek Olympic Team even thou neither of them were Injured. Her reason. To avoid Disgrace to her Country. Does this not sound like a drug cheat? and now she wants to be upgraded to the gold Medal? Furthermore, that was the third drug test that she avoided in 2004 alone. this woman later went on to plead guilty before an arbitrary panel in 2005 for violating the WADA drug Policy, she accepted a 2 year ban without a fight. and now she expects to be upgraded to a gold medal. Gimme a break! The Iaaf should have the balls to revoke her silver medal and give it to the most Decorated athlete in the history of Track, Merlene Ottey. and also they shoul upgrade Tanya Lawrence to the gold Medal since she was the runner up to Jones and Thanou. Instead, the IOC has decided to sit on the Fence. by not awarding her a gold Medal Upgrade, but at he same time not Revoking her Silver. As far as I’M concerned that is just one of many other times that Jamaican athletes hav been Robbed by drug cheats. that is another 1, 2 Finish for jamaica. and we are being denied of it.

  2. you know what waynef u seem 2 know a little bit more about the intricasies of the race 2b quite frank, it has been so long ago so i cannot really debate on it all i know is that at least medals and positions are being upgraded. from get go iv always said that the girls were denied of their rightful places and possible endorsements iv also said that had merline gotten the gold all these years she wouldv retired knowing that she was the fastest sprinter in her time instead of after the fact. i think that although there were different facets of awarding & assigning of medals it is at least a start and u have 2 admit that if our quartet is awarded the gold there will b some measure of satisfaction

  3. Waynef , I totally agree with your post. It’s very sad and disgusting that her legal team is saying that they will sue the IAAF if she hasn’t been upgraded to the gold medal status. Merlene should be the one to sue the IAAF for all the years she has been robbed by these druggist and cheated out of her rightful place in history. It makes me nauseous just thinking back to the days when Merlene was running so clean against these barracudas and drug sharks only to end up behind them. There’s really no justice being rewarded later, the moment has been robbed.

  4. why is Marion Jones’s teamates fighting so hard to keep medals that are clearly tainted. it’s opbvoius that Marion Jones was the fastest sprinter on that team. secondly if your fastest Sprinter was not even capable of making her own 2004 olympic team while attempting to run clean. does that not tell you that the drugs gave her as well as her team an unfair advantage? why the fight. I understand that it is not fair that the team should be punished for one person’s cheating but They need to ask themselves, Is it fair that others should be robbed of their day of glory because of what Marion Jones did? It’s a bitter pill to swallow but you gotta swallow.

  5. fi real waynef remember we had discussed this previously you know my views on this particular aspect them haffie gi them back the medals hello how can they retain them when one team member wasnt clean inspite of the fact that theyv gotten financial and world recognition & we are now getting the medals after the fact

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