Do Not Stress Over Your Competition

By Stan Popovich Many athletes sometimes get anxious when they play against a tough opponent. They get nervous on who they are competing with and they get

Managing Your Anxieties In Track and Field

At times, our worries and anxieties can overwhelm us. In addition, our worries can distort our perception of what is reality and what is not. As a result, this may interfere with your sport of track and field.

Indoor Meeting 2010-11 Results

The indoor track and field season is now under-way and this season of out website will allow you our viewers to stay up-to-date with the

Ivan Ukhov and Ariane Friedrich To Open In Hustopece

Reigning European Indoor champions Ivan Ukhov of Russia and German Ariane Friedrich will open their 2011 international indoor campaign at the second leg of 7th Moravia High Jump Tour in Hustopece, Czech Republic, organizers say.