The Cornwall College school fraternity has been plunged into a state of mourning following Friday afternoon’s death of 13-year-old Jaime Brown, who collapsed during a school cross country race along Sewell Avenue near the school.

Brown, who was a seventh grade student, was believed to have become exhausted during the race and expressed to another student he was running close to that he needed a drink of water.

“I am not making it at all. I’m not doing so well at all. I am going to the airport now to pick up his mother who was in Miami,” Horace Brown, the father of the deceased said…..Read More

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  1. we alwayz wake my dad up to play the game.always ah throw bag with wata in bestfreiind gone but always in my heart.sorry 4 your lost ms brown.and i dont even wana no how his lil brother felt.he tought me how to play always ah ask when jaime coming home thats my you dawg fi real always hava ah place in my heart

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