Chris Johnson is the sixth NFL player to rush for more than 2,000 yards.

But how would the 2009 NFL rushing champion fare on a running track, without a helmet and pads, against Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man?

We might never know.

The Tennessee Titans running back said Monday as he cleaned out his locker that he recently learned that a potential race against the Jamaican Olympian isn’t going to happen — at least, not at a distance less than 100 meters, where Bolt holds the world record.

“We got word two days ago. He don’t want to do it. He only wants to run the 100, he don’t want to run the 50,” Johnson said. “He said the only way he’ll do it is if he runs the 100.”….Read More

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  1. How come very Tom, Dick and Harry want to race Usain all of a sudden? How come dem neva waa run gainst Tyson or Gatlin or any USA runner before. How come because is a Yardie hold de world records and world and olympic title every ‘merican waa run gainst him? Guess dem american caan stan losing for too long and dem like to be in charge don’t it?

    1. the reason money money and more of…remember track and field athetes have more of a problem playing football. Remember Renaldo laid out on the field. And football players all have a serious history with track and field.

  2. The fastes football player ever over 100m is Trindon Holliday. even he has a hard time getting into a line-up against Bolt. He’s simply not fast enough. this is foolishness.

  3. you know jamaicans love a good race….tell chris johnson or his agents to shoot for dexter lee or yohan blake…. see if he can handle two of our futuere american nightmare.

  4. If CJ is as good as they all claim, why doesn’t he represent the USA in Track and Field. I sure he can do two sports. When he qualifies for the US National Team or is invited to a Grand Prix, Golden League or Diamond Leage meet then and only then should he consider racing Usain Bolt. Other than that …. No Race … Wha’ dem teck Usain Bolt fah? Poppyshow?

  5. fi real all of a sudden just because we own the world record fair & square all of a sudden every american want to race with bolt you know what i want to race him too lol. tony roots its true these guys are the future american nightmare

  6. CJ is a nobody. It is an insult to track and feild to have this race even contemplated. Sprinters train hours every day for years to qualify to be in top races and to earn the right to be named fastest man by the IAAF.

    This nobody thinks that by racing Usain in an unrecognized race at an unapproved distance, he should be awarded some sort of title and ill-gotten notoriety.

    The only thing CJ should do if he wants to run, is either race other NFL players, or enter a formal 100m race with other sprinters. Otherwise, he needs to concentrate on the job he currently has and attempt to find fame there instead of this ridiclous publicity stunt he is trying to do.

    1. okkk…you are doing and saying too much..Chris Johnson is the best runnning back in the NFL…just remember most NFL players were track athletes too. Remember Rod Woodson was a Big Ten hurdles champ. Terrell Owens ran third or anchor on Tennessee’s 400 meter relay…let’s not forget Bob Hayes. So comon be real..Chris is more of a somebody and Usain.

  7. I have to say this website has the most illiterate posters on the web. Instead of “dissing” Chris try learning to read and write.

  8. helleo please illiterate like yourself we all know the queen’s english but we choose 2 speak among ourselves this is the internet where one has the freedom to voice opinions. unlike you although we choose 2 speak in our dialect at times we can easily switch to the english language & by the way semiliterate, if we are speaking mastery of english the word dissing does not exist in neither the webster’s nor the oxford dictionary.

  9. Perhaps jonjay should spend less time on these blogs and more time studying the constitution, in which freedom of speech is one of those rights bestowed upon us.

    After Bush’s 8 years spent undermining constitutional rights of the American people, it is easy for the simpletons like him to get confused, but since that right still stands, we are free to say and express ourselves on this board in any manner we choose.

    So jojay, the fact that you do not understand written patois, makes you the unknowledgeable and ignorant one on this board. I myself have 3 degrees in the Health Sciences and in Management and graduated with honors in all. Not to mention that I can speak 3 languages. I have earned the time and the right to express myself in any manner I please…whether in the coarsest patois or in the Queen’s English. Until you are able do the same, STFU!

  10. Waynef or Minnie, did either of you watch the Millrose Games? Well they have an event now called the Super 60 where NFL athletes race a 60m dash.

    Guess who was not there. Chris Johnson. Here is a sprint event for football players, you would think that since CJ keeps running his mouth about being the best sprinter that he would be there to show is “superiority” and maybe prove that he can actually run on the track.

    Like I said before, this guy is only using this wannabe showdown between himself and Bolt as a cheap publicity stunt to boast his name in the media, nothing more. Dwain Chambers did the same thing with “Project Bolt” and now this no name loser is doing the same thing.

  11. i dont think bolt will ever race chris johnson, this is just a publicity gimmick. i read up on johnson, he is a running back for the tennessee titans in the n.f.l.. he did run track while a senior in high school finishing second to walter dix the bronze medal winner in the 2008 olympics. his best times as a high school student were 10.38 and 21,38 respectively over 100 and 200 metres. waynef mentioned trindon holiday as the fastest football player, he ran track for L.S.U together with richard thompson from trinidad, thompson beat holiday in his last year before running at he olympics. i think those two runners thompson and dix would be a good guage as to how fast chris johnson is. we all know bolt destroyed these two guys so johnson would be beaten even worse because football and track are two different sports, the track runner has a huge advantage.

  12. Well the thing is that he was making a big todo about wanting to take the world’s fastest man title away from Bolt but only if he could race him at a shorter distance. Well, here is a race tailor made for him to prove what he really has to offer. It’s at a shorter distance, it’s a newly added event to showcase the sprint speed of the NFL athletes, and it’s in front of Americans at Madison Square Gardens.

    Let’s face it, if he turned up and actually posted a phenomenal time or a new 60m WR, then the T&F world would have to sit up and take notice and say, hey, this guy might actually be talented enough to compete with Bolt and make the event worthwhile. But no. He was nowhere to be found. But of course he wasn’t. Because he only came up with this gimmick as a way to boost his profile and have his name linked to Bolt. This is nothing but another Dwain Chambers “Project Bolt”. Transaprent and pathetic.

  13. Jonjay…I am Jamaican. Chris Johnson is my favorite RB. I don’t think my fellow poster are “dissing” CJ. It is that they don’t think my guy CJ has the track speed to match Bolt, Gay or Powell.

    As for spelling, no country has bad spellers like the US. US invented spell check, just for US students.

  14. Bunny, just to clarify, yes I was dissing CJ. As I said before, this is nothing but another “Project Bolt”. If he wants to race Bolt, let him do what all the other sprinters do, which is line up beside him on the track at a sanctioned meet at a recognized distance. According to him, he can beat Bolt if the race is 40m, and he then wants to be called the fastest man in the world.

    People who are professional sprinters do not get the privilege of deciding the terms and distance of a race and here is someone with no affiliation to track wanting to be bestowed that honor without having to do the work and without having to follow the guidelines to get it. Asafa is usually the sprinter with the best start and has numerous WR to his name, and yet he doesnt have the right to dictate the distance of a short sprint. Should we let everyone decide their terms in order to be called the world’s fastest man? Where does it stop?

    Moreover, even record holders of 60m are not proclaimed “World’s Fastest Man” and CJ wants that title if he manages to beat Usain (and Usain alone) in a 40m? It is an insult to the other professional sprinters and an insult to this sport.
    He deserves to be “dissed” and insulted and I’m happy to do it.

  15. Chris Johnson ran the 40 yard dash in a time of 4.24 seconds at the NFL combines in 2008. That time is the fastest to have been ran at the combines.
    Chris Johnson is really fast over 40m, if he wants to call himself the fastest man alive, he should go against Asafa Powell first, bcuz Asafa is a much better starter.

  16. And it’s my right to proclaim that you are a complete moron. Not that I need to, everyone else came to that consensus a long time ago. But I guess when one is as retarded as you are, I am forced to point out the obvious.

  17. stacy let go of this one you dont see is a little shebada gal he will go to toe with you on every point and lift up his frock he can only manage one sentence at a time lol

  18. no angela lol thank god iv never met him but i know of his type him worse than ms j in americas next top model although i must confess i do love ms j he is more on the shebada side though everything you say him want 2 follow up like if any1 of us a trace him as a man cant let go is a little sissy

  19. Chris Johnson isnt even the fastest runner in the state of Florida.. Walter Dix won state with a 10.46 in the finals, Johnson placed 4th with a time of 10.66. And we all no walter Dix isnt even on the same level as Bolt…CJ is a joke

  20. Of a sudden ..all these anabolic steroids American mules, wants to run against Usain Bolt…they just cant stand a little island like Jamaica doing to them what China is doing to them in economics.
    They cant even catch Osama Bin Laden…much less Usain Bolt !!!!

  21. i am sorry but anyone who knows anything about track and field understands that if they race form blocks with a starting gun, bolt wins at any distance and he is actually not even a good starter.
    so even if they just did a time trial race bolt would still have a huge advantage!
    either way i am sorry whether it be 60 meters or 100 meters chris johnson wold not even rank high enough in the world to be drug tested.


  23. Ever notice that everytime the americans don’t hold the title as world’s fastest man they always want to set up some special race to try and beat that person? Bunch of sore loosers.

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