European champion Dwain Chambers ran the fastest 60 meters this year at the British trials Saturday to qualify for the world indoor championships.

Chambers, who won silver at the world indoors two years ago, clocked 6.50 seconds in Sheffield as he prepares for next month’s event in Doha, Qatar.

The 31-year-old Chambers says he is more relaxed as memories fade of his two-year doping ban for using the performance-enhancer THG in 2003.

Chambers says “there lots of things I wish I’d done correctly but it’s done now.”

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  1. Talk about redemption. Does anyone believe Justin Gatlin will produce as good times as Dwanye Chambers is doing when his much hyped returns in July, any comment?

  2. Angela, i think he can you-know… see….he was a good sprinter… but was not satisfied….so he took the dam ting [THING] and end up were he is right now…at the back of the field….don,t get me wrong….he won,t be able to best these crop of runners..however he might can add a little spice to it

  3. It’s up to you mr. BunnyG but where does the maximum velocity comes? from the run through? jogs? or what in your sight? or built from the high speed and momentum from the accelerations and drives phases which covered around the first 60m? a 100m guy must be at the top gear or in the maximum speed to get the best results in the total 100m. The faster your speed the better your top end speed. Another story for the quarter miles. Takes usain bolt 6.31 = 9.58 ; Tyson Gay 6.39 = 9.71s ; Powell 6.42 = 9.84 (Berlin WCh).

  4. I believe that Justin Galtin will shock the world! He’s training with one of the best sprint coaches in the world. I also believe that bolt will lower the world record for the 100 and 200 meter dash. I was reading an article the other day and it was discovered that a man can run up to 40 miles an hour. They had bolt at 28 miles an hour.

  5. so what are you implying michael….that justin gatlin will shock the world by doing what….run 30 miles an hour?….and is not everything you read, you should believe, 40 miles an hour my brother…is tike about 6.26 clocking or there about…ask professor Waynef or professor Fitzpatrick…they will be able to give you a more precise time…but do you really think a man can run 40 miles an hour Mike? thats a very tall order.

  6. Michael did you actually read the report? They were using the science that the more force applied to the ground the faster the speed. So they tested the force athletes applied while running and the force applied while jumping on one foot and determined that the human foot could deal with a massive amount of force while jumping and that if runners could apply that same amount of force while sprinting, then humans could conceivably run 40 mph.

    However, what was not addressed was stride length and turnover rate which are also imperative. Sure one can jump with more force than one can run, but noone has yet to turnover as quickly so its moot. Kangaroos jump for a living and can reach top speeds of 35 – 40 mph with feet designed to do nothing but jumping and if they lived together, would get eaten by cheatahs every single day. The research was only part of the puzzle, but speed involves much more than just force.

    Justin Gatlin won’t shock anyone this year except the shock that he was allowed to come back into competition.

  7. Michael, the world doesn’t need to be shocked again! This man threw mud into people’s face. He better be humble and grateful that he got a second chance and don’t come back with any crap!

    I really don’t beleive that he’s going to be much of a factor, but it’s definitely going to be interesting to see him run after such a long respite.

  8. Actually Angela, this is his third chance. He already cheated through his first and second chances. I guess you can cheat and cheat and just file endless lawsuits and get reinstated. And the IAAF wonders why interest has waned.

  9. i have one question regarding justin gatlin , why is he still holding a gold ‘silverand bronze medal from the2004 olympic games that he won when he is a known drug cheat and was banned from track and field for a few years? are we to believe he was clean back then but only took the steroids after that olympics? very unlikely i say, i dont know what makes him think he can compete with the world’s fastest runners,after being away for such a long time and supposedly now running clean. i see an early retirement for him.

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