US Virgin Islands’ Laverne Jones-Farrette continued her good run of form this season when she defeated American Carmelita Jeter in the 60m at the International PSD Bank Meet 2010 in  Düsseldorf on Wednesday.

Jones-Farrette, who set a world-leading time of 7.08 in the discipline over the weekend, was again in great form again after she stopped  clock at the same time to beat the rushing Jeter (7.13) to the finishing line.

Mark Jelks of United States won the men’s race in a world-leading 6.56seconds.

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  1. ve ry interesting race laverne jones-ferrette ran a personal best for 60 metres 7.09, jeter ran a 7.13 her pb is 7.11. jeter had a pb of 11.04 over 100 metres in 2007, under john smith she has run10.96 10.92 10.83 then 10.67 and 10.64. this has been a dramatic inprovement, maybe john smith has the secret. this year is going to be very interesting for women’s track and field, cant wait to see shelly ann fraser and kerron stewart clash with carmelita jeter and laverne jones-ferrette over 100 metres. and throw veronica campbell brown in the mix.

  2. I agree with you walter fitzpatrick, but I am not at all surprised at Laverne jones-ferrette. she has been showing Superb Talent for the past couple of years now. she was a semi finalist in Beijing and just narrowly missed running in the 100m finals. I remember saying to myself that this girl is a bullet from 0-60 metres. Her issues come at or around the 60m mark. she also had a really good campiagn on the circuit last year. If anyone has seen this girl run, You will always notice that she takes the lead early in her race, but others are able to reel her in if they are patient. Laverne needs to start running some 200m for speed endurance, as well as working on leg turn-over and keeping her form late in the races. I’m sure her coaches are well aware of these things. They are likely adressing all of this and more in this young season. This year will be an interesting year no doubt. I think that we will see shelly-ann, Kerron and Carmelita run 9.6. I have to give Shelly-ann the Nod in head to head match-ups because of her start. The reason being that no matter how fast you are. it is always a huge challenge to run from behind. seeing your opponent infront of you can cause runners to loose patience and break their form. It also makes you conscious of trying to make every stride perfect in form. if a runner second guesses their strides even for a second, the race is over. thats why it is difficult to run from behind. Tyson Gay is the best i’ve ever seen at doing that.

  3. Waynef, i,m sure your right that Laverne coaches are aware of all those things that you,ve mention….and my suggestion is,,,,on a serious note…Laverne need to pay jamaica a visit….you know what i mean….mills or francis.

  4. Tony, I was thinking the same thing. That if Francis ever got a hold of her, she would be a force to be reckoned with. Does anyone know where she trains and with whom?

    I think the same thing about Kerron. Most of Kerron’s problems are with her start. If that girl could learn to start like Asafa or Shelly Ann, noone could stop her. And I really want to see her get an individual gold medal at the next championship event. So many international athletes train part-time in Jamaica (usually in the winter) and then go back to their coaches. If Christine Ohuruogu and Jermaine Mason can do that, why can’t our athletes (i.e. Veronica and Kerron) do that as well. They both have the talent and the ability, they just need a little extra nudge.

  5. Yea Laverne is real talented I saw that from last year..hope she does real well this season, and Veronica should have come to jamaica for the winter to train!..I heard her stating that the cold weather in the US affecting her training comon!! V.C you should have came home for the winter season

  6. Mason and Ohuruogu are from England, it’s very cold in the winter so they choose warm places to train during this time of the year. if an athlete believes in his or her coach or the coach believes in his or her ability there is no way going to a different coach to train during the winter season will be acceptable. So Stacy, expecting Veronica or Kerron to even consider your suggestion is akin to the changing of the coach by them. In life, nothing is as simplistic as thought.

  7. Perhaps you are not kept abreast of what goes on. Veronica just changed her coach, so obviously there was not much loyalty or “belief in ability” there. Are we still in the land of the free? I could’ve sworn that I am allowed to express an opinion. IN MY OPINION, it was a bad move, and if she indeed wanted an improvement/change in coaches, two of the world’s top sprint coaches are Francis and Mills, she could take a leaf out of Ohuruogu’s, Williamson’s and Mason’s book, and train with one of them (part time if need be) and not with a coach that is below their caliber.

    And quite frankly, unless either Kerron or VCB reside in Florida or Texas, the winter in the states can be horrendous. Using “England is cold” is not a valid argument, and rather ridiculous when you considered the amount and severity of snowstorms we just had. Is there some rule which states sprinters who train in the US can’t find warmer places to train in the winter time? Why would a little winter time nudge in training in Jamaica be acceptable to other international coaches but not to American coaches? Perhaps that should be the real question.

    And just so you can get your facts right. Mason is NOT from England. He is Jamaican. You chooses to train in jamaica and compete for GB, but in no way is his success based on anything England gave to him. Mason left Francis for 2 years because he thought he deserved more individual attention. Well, he got a wake up call and went back and got his silver in the Olympics. That’s what athletes do. If they think that they can get better help or improve more under another coach, they go there. If they don’t, they go back.

    Kerron is currently one of the best female sprinters on the planet. Her only really weak area is her start. It so happens that 2 of the best starters in the world (Asafa and Shelly Ann) train under the same coach, Stephen Francis. IN MY OPINION, it would behoove her to learn how to start better from him since her coach obviously isn’t doing it for her.

  8. stacy point taken i think that she stepped down when she changed her coach if you are changing coach you change 2 better & i too agree that it shouldv been mills or francis however when i previously mentioned this some persons disagreed with her choosing francis because of the so called history which they have but others agreed that she couldv tried mills. with the mason point i think you are correct & would add that there is a general fear that if she changes her coach she may well end up like wariner who changed his coach and lost his crown 2 lashawn meritt ( i like them both but that is not the point) the point is that if you are changing change for better because some persons also felt that this coach was not as established as the previous one or our coaches. it was indeed a very bad move

  9. Why is LJ-F couldn’t be clean? Is it because she’s battering carmelita your ‘cheater’. MRSJ-F looks more feminine anyday to her. I don’t see muscles bulging everywhere on Laverne, instead i see a well toned female athlete who will be giving carmelita cheater a whole lot of ass whopping this season.

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