Belgian sprinter Fatmata Bangura will miss next weekend’s world indoor championships after she was provisionally suspended because of a positive doping test.

Sierra Leone-born Bangura was tested at her first Belgian championships last month and anti-doping officials found traces of the steroids clembuterol and stanozolol.

Belgian athletics official Tille Scheerlinck told Belgian media that the initial positive test triggered the suspension which will keep her from the three-day championships which open in Doha, Qatar, next Friday.

Bangura had only been approved by the IAAF to run for Belgium one week ago.

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  1. hmmm…this is the same drug that callum priestley just tested positive for. Is this clenbuterol the new thing now?

  2. I say that WADA has probably tweaked the testing method a bit in order to cath cheaters even well after they believe the drug has passed through their syustem.

  3. That’s good news Waynef…that’s very good news….too long have these so called athletes prevailed upon false pretense….too long have these Creeps having people cheering for them….some of those people, end up being fanatics, based on the performances of these so called athletes….only to find out later, that they were Bamboozle….It,s so called athletes like Fatmata Bangura, Marion Jones and a number of others…some who have past away in there prime….other who are still alive, {if you can it that} looking more like a prune than anything else….has robbed great, genuine athletes out of there rightful place in history….Athletes like Miss Merlene Ottey, who i think, would have been as dominant as Usain Bolt, if it was not for those Steroid Monkeys, who robbed her of her glory….I tell you something….these trainers, coaches and organization from the bigger countries…{The first world countries} do not like the idea of having to watch the smaller countries {The Third World Countries} out doing them {Whipping There Asses}…they dont want to come to these games…the Olympic, The world championship games {The Greatest Show On Earth} and listened to these little countries National Anthems being played….HELL NO… that would be bad for business, real bad….imagine, you have these wealthy countries, who can afford to give there athletes everything… from state of the art Gymnasium,state of the art track and all the other modern things that are required to make there athletes the {Creme De La Creme} the very best in there field…and to have these little countries, who are classified as being backward…one, because they are very limited with training facilities, two..very limited with modern equipment..and most of the times when they do get good equipment, it,s always the “Hand Me Down’ The used and left, from the bigger countries….so now my fellow colleagues, you see why it,s bad for there business….spending up billions of dollars annually and getting there asses kicked, by some poor third world countries, who sometimes cant even afford to buy proper spikes for there athletes…that my friends, is truly an embarresment to them.

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