[picappgallerysingle id=”6612343″]Controversial American sprinter Justin Gatlin will not be allowed to make an early return to competitive competition, the International Association of Athletics Federations said on Monday.

Gatlin, the 2004 Olympic 100metres champion was given an eight-year ban, reduced to four on appeal by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, after he tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. It was his second doping offence.

The 28-year-old appealed for an early return, a request which has been dismissed by the IAAF.

“In September 2008, Justin Gatlin received a four-year sanction from CAS as a result of a second anti-doping rule violation under IAAF Rules ending on July 24, 2010.

“Earlier this year, Mr Gatlin wrote to the IAAF to request an early reinstatement on the grounds of substantial assistance.

“The request was rejected by the Doping Review Board.”

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  1. I wonder how much special treatment Gatlin feels that he deserves. After his first offense, he never received a ban because he claimed he didn’t know that he needed to report his ADHD meds. Yeah right? He was instead given a warning and told that any other offense would result in an immediate lifetime ban. And what happens? He gets caught with testosterone and sues not to receive a lifetime ban on the grounds that since he never received a ban on the previous incidence, then this was in fact his first legal offense and according to the rules it would be illegal to ban him for life. WTF?

    Do you see what happens when you make any kind of exception for these people? He then got an 8 year suspension instead of the life ban, but sued again and got the ban reduced to 4 years, and now he wanted another exception to be made to have early reinstatement. What kind of balls do you have to have to actually believe the rules shouldn’t apply to you?

  2. MORE GOOD NEWS…the IAAF is going to rule that the 2004 US 4×400 relay team be stripped of their Olympic gold over that Crystal Cox doping scandal which means Russia will get the gold and Jamaica the silver.

    But now Crystal is saying that she only pled guilty because she couldn’t afford to fight the charges. Anyone who saw this woman on Survivor would know that they only way she could’ve participated at an Olympic level was with serious help.

    Does anyone remember me blasting USATF for praising Crystal for coming forward and admitting her doping (after all the evidence already proved her a Balco doper)? And now she’s taken it back. Talk about egg on the face. This is why you should never stick up for a drug cheat. They’ve already proven they have no morals.

  3. Gatlin Gatlin Gatlin. Ya pushin it. Just relax and be patient. July soon come. I wanna see what he can do. There’s been a whole paradigm shift in sprinting during his hiatus, and I’m sure he’s aware of this. He needs to come in humble. I want to see if he can actually reemerge on the level of the top three guys now. If he doesn’t, I can see him putting down 9.9s for the season, but I think someone had mentioned that he should move up to 400 if anything. I would be so inclined to suggest the 110 hurdles, as he had promising talent in the barrier sprints as well. If there’s anything he needs to learn, it’s PATIENCE. Facebook him people. Encourge him. That’s what we can do for our athletes who have fallen. I wanna see if Shawn Crawford reemerges as a 100/200m threat with the return of his counterpart Gatlin………..

    This American doping phenomenon is atrocious. These are the athletes that need a sports psychologist, not Asafa. Asafa got it good compared to these athletes who clearly have low athletic esteem.

  4. Nathaniel…you are hiding your face. Your ped-head girl got her ass kicked.Bout she running 10:64. Did you see those Caribbean ladies. Them look good.

    Nate…Gatlin never had it in him. He is simply not primetime player. Because if he was he would not have gone down that ally. But he wants to to be on the big stage. And for you to to worshiping a false prophet…? It doesn’t matter where he goes, he will still be a fake. Let him find another line of work…maybe a Used Car salesman” I wouldn’t be buying from though.

  5. Minnie my dear. You are so right.She can say whatever she wants to say now. Russia and Jamaica will have the medals they were supposed to have 4 years ago.

  6. You funny Bunny G. But don’t kill the joke, lol If you wanna be technical, the only people I can claim are Irving Saladino, Alonzo Edward and Ryan Brathwaite. I’m just as much a spectator as you are.
    Oh yeah, and the ped head girl you’re referring to had an abyssmal start, trailed terribly, but freight-trained all the way to the finish and managed to only lose by .05……. I gotta give it to Veronica though. I can’t wait to see her season. I thought 09 would be a 10.6 season for her after she ran that 11.01 with a terrible start. Well she’s the queen of starts now, lol, and coupled with that top end speed…..man, she’s gon be dangerous. And Sherone is hungry and Kerron is hungry and Shelly is hungry, and Lauryn and Muna, and Laverne. Man I’ve already mentioned almost a full lineup if sprinters.

    Oh you think Gatlin never had it in him? So I guess all that talent he had in HS and in college was all drug related. Yeah, that sounds about right. What was I thinking, lol

    Anyway, I’m just as expectant as you are for the 2010 season, and to be honest, I do wanna see Gatlin make a comeback, and I do wanna see Jeter break into the 10.5s.And I’m also very anxious to see the Jamaican contingent rep strong. Man, that’s Sherone, Shelly Ann Kerron Veronica, and Sherry Ann

    If only my Panamanian and Bajan women would rep in the sprints, sniffle sniffle

  7. Hello! I want to say thanks for an interesting site about a subject I have had an interest in for a long time now. I have been lurking and reading the posts avidly so just wanted to express my thanks for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more active part in the discussions here.

  8. oh by the way i wonder if you realise that veronica had a toe injury last year jeter will go into 10.5’s outside of major competition heck she may even break the world record but i can guarantee that it wont be at the olympics or world champs cause she will have 2 ensure she doesnt get caught


  10. People, why bother argue? U no si say is anudda mickey we have here. Only on here to get on people nerves and chat rubbish. Gatlin had his first bust at 18, but the hypocrite want to say is talent. Kerron had some of the worst starts in the last 2 championships and she come back and tek silver in both a dem. Kerron did only lose by .02 in the last one. Still don’t mean seh Shelly Ann wasn’t better. But here he is ah mek excuse fah Jeter. If she did do dis and if she did do dat. If she did start betta. If she did keep her form at WC. COULDA, SHOULDA, WOULDA, DIDN’T. The first thing that Gatlin had to say this year was that him can beat Bolt, Tyson, and Asafa. Yet this eediot on here saying him need a sports psychologist because him lack self esteem. That’s when it hit me that is poppy show im a mek. Cause noone can be so tupid. Him is only on here just to rile up people so dat him can have contraversy and someone to pay attention to him. If him neva love write so much ah woulda tink seh is Mickey writing under anotha name.

  11. Stacy, peace be still. Me nah know who mickey is. And I would appreciate it if ya didn’t call me an eediot. Please have some respect for people who comment ere so, even if ya don’t agree. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have to respond to your tirades like I was. I’ll just let you dig your own hole. I’m finna keep posting here.

    I’m in love with Sherone by the way anybody can hook me up with her number??

    Peace everybody. And if you have anything derogatory to say to me, don’t waste the energy

    Peace and Blessings

    PS DOn’t you think athletes who are ex-drug offenders need some type of psychological counseling? My point was that Asafa don’t need it nearly as much as these offenders. Reading is fundamental

  12. Nathaniel I fully agree with you. I’ve been thinking along the same lines for a very long time. Peep this. Asafa finished 5th in 2004 olympics 100m race behind three known drug users. Green, gatlin and Crawford. yet everyone wants to believe that there is something not right with Asafa. I think there is something not write with the way most people think. I cannot reason like that. Peace and love!

  13. Nate, if you don’t want to respond then don’t. Noone is holding a gun to your head. I certainly wish you wouldn’t. I dont really care what you do not appreciate. You spend a lot of time on here treating other people as if they don’t have any sense and saying our thinking is biased, and our attitude is rooted in colonialism and a bunch of other backward comments. My youth, as Judge Judy says, don’t pee on my shoes and tell me it’s raining. If you make foolish or derogatory comments, expect to be called out. What Asafa needs is a clean and level playing field. What Gatlin needs is counseling with a job center, because he needs to switch professions. You are actually on here urging us to sympathize with the man who robbed from us, undermined the sport, and still has yet to take responsibility for his actions. Well, I guess everyone needs a hobby.

  14. Please throw out this eye for an eye approach. If you wanna dig your hole of delusion, then do as such, just remember the rope of reality is right there when you’re ready, and I’ll be there cheering for you when you decide to climb. ; )
    The minute you make assumptions and judgments about a person’s character is the minute you have completely trivialized the person. What you have mistaken as me putting down people is actually me criticizing the actions of people, and there is a clear difference. Actions do not reflect who people really are. Judgments are for actions, not for people. We are all good people who have clearly made tons of errors, because we all at some juncture have missed the point. We were clearly not born with terrible intentions, we are socialized into them.

    What should we do when a person has messed up? Curse em and keep em down forever, and remind them everyday of their mistakes? or make a clean slate and encourage them to live correctly. You decide……..

    Stacy, the only reason why I respond is because I love the sport and I love the fans, and that includes everyone here and even you and your stubborn self, lol. Stacy you are my sister and there’s nothing you can do about it.. So throw all the salt you want. I’ll just flavor my bacalao with it 😛

    Check ya lata. Oh and facebook me since you know me so well hahaha

  15. Tony was right. You really are stubborn like belly-fat. Save your dimestore psychoanalysis for Gatlin. But just like I said before, the only people you have come to the defense of are the robbing drug cheats. That says more about you and your character than anything you want to write. still no defense for Usain or SAF who have never tested positive for anything. That says something about your bias. Funny how you have all the strength and energy to criticize and the only people whose mistakes you recognize are the Jamaicans on this board, not the doped up athletes who you somehow believe are the only people worthy of your defense.

    Sweetheart, the only person who has been digging the hole of delusion is you. Take your own advice and grab on to that rope for dear-life. Until then, I have enough facebook friends. I don’t need to add the psychotically delusional to the list.

  16. Go deh Stacy…lol Girl your choice of words….. ok someone please pass me the scoring sheet so iI can get started ooops… Stacy guess what a u a lead….Nate u gotta lot of cathing up to do bro:)
    More rounds to come…..

  17. haha, But Stacy, sister, proof won’t do a thing. Even if I gave you the proof, which is out there, it still wouldn’t be enough for you (my youtube name is phaethon1988 if you ever wonder who is commenting on these track vids).. Unfortunately, you’ve made up in your mind who it is YOU think I am, and there’s no changing that except ummm, lemme think…..oh yeah, you.

    lol, JamFlBoi, you can stop playin referee. 😀

    So how exactly DO you treat a person that has messed up and cheated you?

    I grabbed on the rope long time ago, sis, and I’m on solid ground. There aren’t Jamaican problems and American problems, there are human problems under the guise of these labels we put on ourselves and wear ever so proudly.

    Sincerely, your psychotically delusional brother who wants you to facebook him 😀 Peace and Blessings

  18. Dude, are you really so lonely you have to be on here trolling for Facebook friends. Bwoy…now I just pity you.

    You know what, if you really were on here defending Usain and SAF from the likes of Carl Lewis (who himself failed drug tests THREE times in ’88 alone), we would have already seen the proof of it. Quite frankly, the only person who I have NOT seen defend them is you. So let’s not pretend that you’re an equal opportunity defender.

    You seem to be the type of person who would’ve felt sorry for Jeffrey Skilling and Dennis Kozlowski, and would willingly reinvest money with Bernie Madoff if given the opportunity. Good for you, because thieves need to make money too. Just don’t ask me to support them.

    My grandfather used to have a plaque in his office that said
    “Fool me once, shame on you
    Fool me twice, shame on me
    Fool me three times, I deserve it ’cause I’m a blasted idiot”.

    Gatlin already fooled me twice. He ain’t getting over me a third time.

  19. stay thanks 4 the link old nasty mad gyal the state must mind her kids i took 12years 2 have my 2nd because i know kids take money it takes cash to care lol

  20. “He who is without sin cast the first stone”…

    I will say this first, Justin Gatlin did end up in a very bad situation. His first offense was a mistake by both him and the committee. May individuals in all sports in some sense hide their medications because of fear of ridicule. I am not backing him up, nor feeling sorry for him. Yes, he should have mentioned his medications; however, the committe, if the medication was legally perscribed, should be lenient and they were. That issue was resolved.

    For his second offense, the situation was just wrong. There is not much you can do or say if you have been caught using a performance enhancing substance. He was warned, as was any other athlete in all sport, and he should have known better. Plan and simple. He deserves whatever time they give him. For a life ban, I think that is extreme. Yes, he did wrong, but everyone deserves a second chance. Let’s look back at the British sprinter, Dwayne Chambers. He was caught, served his time and given a second chance. However, in his case he did come clean.

    Justin needs to be true to himself. If he is, he will be patient and wait out his time. Focus his energy on training, rather than his comeback. If he can devote all this time into his training he would probably regain his integrity and teach others in the sport of track in field about trial and error, the ability to overcome all obstacles and promote cleanliness in athletics.

    In some way or another, we have all cheated in some point in time of our lives. No matter if it was big or small, a sin is a sin. There is no level. I do not mean to bash anyone with religion. But Jesus died for our sins and gave us a second chance. God gives us many chances throughout our lives. If Justin repents and ask for forgiveness from God and the athletic world, then it is done. We need to forgive eachother. he has done his time, so enough is enough.

    Patience is one thing that this world needs to have, including me.

    “Fool me once, shame on you
    Fool me twice, shame on me….HOWEVER….

    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do…”
    Benjamin Franklin

  21. Your so right Mike….and Justin Gatlin must be saying the same thing too…Jesus died for our sins…and since he has done all of that for us….shed his blood…suffered on the cross…the whole works….lets not defeat the purpose…lets go out and sin….BECAUSE WE WILL BE FORGIVEN. And, on the subject of integrity….your saying…if Justin Gatlin can devote his time into his training, he would probably regain his integrity….INTEGRITY!!….WHAT INTEGRITY?…. my friend….HOW IS IT POSSIABLE FOR SOMEONE TO REGAIN SOMETHING THEY NEVER HAD ?.this guy {Justin Gatlin} has nothing good about him when it comes on to Track & Field….no morals and on scruples nothing good whatsoever….this guy has bean cheating clean athletes out of there glorys and there thunders since his eyes were knee height….and you talk about regaining his integrity….the only thing he might can regain, is the PED…because that’s the only thing he had…..instead of trying to make a humble return to the sport he claimed to love.. he has this arrogance about him, and most people are not going to look pass that…much more to forgive…regardless of….who can,t cast the first, second or third Stone….he can,t even fess up to his wrong doings and try to make a come back with more humility, honesty and sincerity….so most Track & field fans outside the usa are not going to forgive….and you know what i think…the way how that HABITUAL CHEATER acts, tells me that he doesn,t give a Flying F… about forgiveness…..my dear friend Mike, you seems to be very consecrated….so i,m taking it that you would not favour one sin over another….but lets say for argument sake, you are being held up by a gun man and he {the gun man] says to you…should i rob you, or should i kill you…i,m guessing Mike, that your answer would be…suit yourself…for one sin is just as bad as the other.

  22. Well said Tony. There are rules for a reason. But I guess as long we are obligated to forgive people like Gatlin, we might as well throw them out. Hell, let’s make it a free for all. No rules, and no consequences. Everyone should take as many PEDs as they can, we will continue to forgive them and welcome them with open arms. Sportsman-like behavior could take on a whole new meaning.

    Gatlin hasn’t even accepted responsibility yet. He’s still blaming it on a conspiracy. Other people who “forgot” to write down what “meds” they were taking got punished. He got a reprimand. I’m sure both he, his coach, and handlers all just happened to forget to disclose his meds even though it was a requirement. Yeah, that’s it, they just forgot. Yohan Blake accidentally took a non-banned drug and got more punishment than Gatlin did, so Gatlin can cry me a river and I’ll play the world’s smallest violin while he’s whining. You want to talk about the bible? That same bible says that you are to avoid the very appearance of wrongdoing. Gatlin didn’t avoid it. He saw it and jumped in head first.

    Leniency allowed this drug cheat to sue the IAAF to let him back into a sport he cheated and robbed for years on the grounds that they were too lenient toward his first offense. Well if that don’t beat all. If you want leniency, go work on Wall Street. They’ve shown the world you can cheat people out of billions, decimate the global economy and still be rewarded for it. But I’ll tell you what. Children didn’t have posters of Madoff or Skilling hanging on their bedroom walls. They had pictures of Tim Montgomery, Justin Gatlin, and Marion Jones. They were role models. And the role they set is that not only is it okay to cheat but it’s also okay to lie about it and not take responsibility for your actions, because we are famous, the rules don’t apply to us and the world is obligated to forgive us. Let’s teach that to all the children of the next generation and let’s see where we are in 20 years.

  23. Hello.A first timer here.
    I have been reading these comments for a while and I feel it is time I made my two cents. Stacey: you have a sharp wit matched by an equal sharp tongue but your posts are fair and balanced (unlike Fox News).
    Sir Tony Roots you are the epitome of the cultured enthusiast.
    …..as for Nathaniel: fellow you need to take your lips off the US’s ass so that you can think without all the stink.

  24. Hello King…Welcome.

    Fantastic fist post. You had me laughing for a full 5 minutes. Look forward to seeing more of your posts.

  25. What’s up King.
    LOL, have fun at my expense. If it’s ass kissing you see then too bad. That has nothing to do with me.
    I wish you well nonetheless, and I’m sure you can think independently enough to not label people because of a difference in perspective

    Take care fam

  26. He gets caught with testosterone and sues not to receive a lifetime ban on the grounds that since he never received a ban on the previous incidence, then this was in fact his first legal offense and according to the rules it would be illegal to ban him for life! I dont understand either. Just stay off it man. You think once would be enough to prevent you losing your career! Well, if you are interested in hand arthritis relief or any other arthritis relief, then hit this site.

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