Less than three weeks after his surprise World indoor record* in the Heptathlon, Ashton Eaton returns to the track at the 83rd Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays, which kick off today in Austin, Texas. The Oregonian’s appearance will be one of several notable outdoor debuts on tap as the U.S. spring season commences in earnest this weekend.

Like Eaton, Laverne Jones-Ferrette will be aiming to continue her solid indoor 60m momentum when she makes her 2010 100m debut.

Lost behind the sensation that was Usain Bolt in Berlin last summer was the surprise 200m silver medallist, Alonso Edward of Panama……Read More

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  1. I am not hating on Lavern, but her bread and butter right now is indoor races. If she is not running sub 11 in the 100m outdoor ( which she never did) then she is just another lane filler …..hustling meet promters for a lane. Until Braithwaite beats Robles I am still going to believe that is triumph at World champs was just a fluke.

  2. And if she {Lavern} don,t want to be, just another lane filler or a lane hustler as you described….then she need to find her dam self in Jamaica…..and Bayreuth, if Braithwaite cant beat Robles, i still wouldn,t call his triumph at the world championship a fluke….he {Braithwaite} had the class to beat that field, and so he Obliges…. now, if Robles was in that race…{ The world championship 110m hurdles} and Braithwaite had won it…but loses every race after that….and not just only to Robles but to any of the other athletes who had participated in that race…then and only then, i would call his {Braithwaite} triumph at the world championship a fluke.

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