You might have noticed that I have a rather predictable travel schedule (Tokyo pops up once a month; Milan six times a year; Hong Kong, Paris, Geneva, Zürich, Osaka and New York once a quarter; LA, Madrid, Singapore, Toronto and Taipei twice a year and then sporadic appearances in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Beirut, Washington and San Francisco), so it was a welcome surprise when my colleague Anders started thumbing through the diary with my assistant Alexander a few weeks ago looking for potential dates for a trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil doesn’t figure nearly enough as part of my business or leisure travel routine and when it does it’s usually 48 meeting-packed hours in São Paulo and then back to London. When I first heard Rio being discussed I thought it was one of those trips that Alex would jot into the diary in the faintest pencil, knowing it would fall off the page later in the day.

Much to our amazement the city was still hanging in there four days later and a full week on Rio decided it wasn’t going to budge when threatened by New York and Toronto diary requests……Read More

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  1. Tony, If you ever get to Brazil, please visit Salvador Bahia too! A different kind of city, but just as much fun!!!!

  2. Tony, Salvador is a very simple city, extremely cultural and very much in touch with its african roots. Wonderful beaches and beautiful people. Not nearly as glitzy as Rio!

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