In a shock twist, the Athletics Tanzania (AT) announced today that only four athletes without a recognized coach, will represent the country in 38th IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland this Sunday.

Earlier, the AT said at least 12 runners will compete in the lucrative event. However, the AT Assistant Secretary General Julius Msomi told the ‘Daily News’ today that the number had to be trimmed down because of various technical reasons.

Tanzania confirmed to compete in team event, individual men’s 12 km and women 8 km as well as in junior boys’ (8 km) and junior girls (6 km) categories.

“Some runners have failed to get permission from their employers at the 11th hour. We had no any other option than to cut them off from the list,” he said…..Read More

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  1. What else is new! it’s a darn shame. Such a huge continent with talents everywhere and can’t get their acts together. Nigera and Ghana is the same. Too much rats and fat cats.

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