The World’s Fastest Man ambled into a heaving club called Fiction in Kingston, Jamaica, just after 2.30 last Sunday morning. Usain Bolt showed none of the blistering speed which has made him an outrageous phenomenon.

The Olympic and world champion in both the 100m and 200m, who has swept aside preconceptions about how fast a human might run, strolled through the booming waves of sound so coolly he might have been on his way to pick up an early edition of the Sunday Gleaner.

“I’m now on a six-week programme to get into shape because my main goal is to stay unbeaten this year. I saw [fellow Jamaican] Asafa Powell in training and he’s looking good. But this year I want to take it as easy as possible.

Of course, if I need to run as fast as 9.5 to stay unbeaten I have to do it. But if I just have to run 9.9 to win every race, then that’s what I want – because next year is different. I have to get back to 9.5 next year.”…..Read More

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  1. Bunny General, when Bolt talks…people shake in there boots…because they all know what he,s capable of….he,s a man of substance….with a vicious bite in his bark…so all, have to take notes….Speaking of taking notes….let me just take time out and the liberty to say…that on behalf of myself and the rest of the blogging family on this site…Congratulations to the Norman Manley Law School for doing, not only themselves and Jamaica proud but also the entire Caribbean…for placing themselves in the top 16 {The Octo-Final Round} out of 120 teams from over 70 countries, at the Phillip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition….which of course, is the largest and most Prestigious Mooting Competition in the World…A few weeks ago, they {T.N.M.L.S} place in the top Eight {Quarter Finals} in the DH Harish International Mooting Competition in India and Second in the Latin America & Caribbean round of the World Trade Organisation Mooting Championship. {Finalist}…. this my friends…is THE TRUE testament of the little rock {JAMAICA}…. For not only are we brilliant on the track…we also have, A BEAUTIFUL MIND….Remembering these words…I pledge my heart forever, to serve with HUMBLE PRIDE, this shining homeland, ever so long as earth abide, I pledge my heart, this island as god and faith shall live, my work, my strength, my love and my LOYALTY TO GIVE, O green isle of the indies, JAMAICA STRONG and free, our vows and LOYAL PROMISES, O heartland ’tis to thee…. And Readers…please..if you are thinking that this was meant for Sanya Richards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it,s not…OK

  2. Tony, Thanks for that englintening information……very edifying and inspiring. I must also say you have good sense of humour my brother….keep them comng. Anyway I have some second hand information to pass on to our board members. Based on a source I know in the Nike world I heard that Nike is preparing their guerilla marketing team to offer bolt seven figure ( $7 mil/year) plus a clothing line to snatched bolt from puma ….at the end of his contract this year. Now we all know the
    world of track athletes shoe contract is as secretive as a CIA clandestine operation, therefore I am taking that report with a grain of salt. With the depressed USA and world economy Nike annouce last year that it was cutting is advertisement budget and 2% of its work force. Did you know that this year a lot of athletes shoe contracts were not renew and those that were renew was for way less than what they expected. Kerron Clement comes to mind and that is why Wallace Spearmon jumpNike ship and went to the no-name brand Saucony. Lauryn Wlliams right now is shopping for a contract. All that said however, Nike did poorly at the last olympic in the sprints…..Puma got all the attention courtesy of team Jamaica. Nike is loooking for a new winner ….. and bolt is the man. If it means they are going to break the bank for Bolt based on my info… they are going to . Right now the only people who have a bigger shoe contract than bolt is beleiveit or not is Xavier Carter ….Xavier who? Yes he was hyped up at LSU , went Pro , sigend at the time a huge contract with Nike until Olympics 2012. It was reported that is contract was $7million for 6 years. Another NCAA prodigy was WAlter Dix , I heard is contract is also huge ..over a million/year. But Walter
    is coming up short. Yelene Isinbayeva is probably the highest paid field athletes. Her shoe contract with the chinese company Ni-Ling is worth $7.5 Mil for five years. She average about 1.5 million/year. Those are the top earners. I said let the shoe war for bolt begins. People are saying that bolt is very loyal to Puma and he might not accept Nike higher bid. What do you think my friends?

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