Former 100 metres world record-holder Asafa Powell of MVP has been entered to runin the 200 metre event at the third staging of the University of Technology (UTech) Track and Field Classic at the National Stadium on April 17.

The meeting, which will see a number of the top Jamaican athletes competing, with also see Powell’s  clubmates and Olympic gold medallists Nesta Carter and Michael Frater, along with former youth sensation Darrel Brown of Trinidad, racing in the 100m.

World record holder Usain Bolt of the Racers Track Club has not been confirmed to race at the event.

The competition will also see sprint hurdler Brigitte Foster- Hylton, still riding high after a stellar 2009 season, will square-off with Sherone Simpson in the 100-metre flat, while World and Olympic 100 metre champion Shelly-Ann Fraser and World and Olympic 400 metre silver medal winner Shericka Williams will participate in the 200.

Another World and Olympic champion, hurdler Melaine Walker, should also compete when she laces up in the 400m flat…..Read More

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  1. I’ve been waiting for so long for Asafa to seriously take up the 200 to increase his top end speed. At the end of last season he said he was going to do it, and now he is, and I am so happy and excited. Woohoo!! Get dem Safa.

  2. Stacy / Bunny General…whats,s going on with Steven Francis/MVP and this on show, at the jamaica International Invitational Track meet? do you think he,s over playing his hand?…. i really don,t know what is the situation with him {Steven Francis} and the jamaica athletic bodies, i like the guy {Steven Francis], but i think he,s getting a little bit over bearing….whats the sense of having this big international meet and our international athletes are not participating?

  3. I keep hearing that Stephen is very devoted to his athletes and would go to war for any one of them, so I give him props for that. other than that, I really don’t like the man. He is too pompous and full of himself and the JAAA keeps allowing him to get away with things that no other country would, but I really do wish that Quarrie would stop airing these disagreements in public for the world to hear. It is embarassing.

  4. Franno lose my respect the moment he went on a TVJ interview last year after the WC implying that Racer and Glen Mills was some how deliberalty involved in doping. His statement was malacious and down-right mischevious knowing well that the adverse analytical finding substance in question was not even on WADA ban list. I respect his technical competence when it comes to track and field ….yes I will give him props for that …but the big grown ass man like too passa paas, drama and bacchanal.

  5. Hey Bayreuth, I have to respectfully dissagree with you. I watched the interview that you made reference to, and While Stephen Fracis’s statements were subject to interpretation. I do not get the idea that he was suggesting that Glen Mills camp was some how delibtely involved in doping. He was merely pointing out the fact that JAADCO was spending so much time and effort trying to deny his athletes the right to compete in Berlin, meanwhile there is a doping investigation taking place and involving runners from the Glen Mills camp and Glen Mills remains free to be at the Berlin WC, and free to be handling his athletes. Franno was only tryiing to draw some comparison and contrast to the way he (Stephen Francis) was being treated vs the way Glen Mills was treated by JAADCO and JAAA. Frankly speaking, I think he had a valid point. Not to say that I believe Glen Mills Camp to be Dirty. just that JAADCO and JAAA could have found better things to do with their time and Money. I don’t even think glen Mills took Offence to that.

  6. Stacy I always like to read your comments But I side with Stephen Francis on this one. JAAA and team Management (Don Quarrie) always want to be the ones to appoint where the athletes are to stay when they do there preparation. I think that it is the right of individual coeches to prepare there athletes where and how they see fit. as long as they make themselves accessible to doping control. I believe that you were refering to those incidences in Beijing and Berlin when you say that JAAA is allowing Stephen Francis to “get away with things that no other country would”. I just think there needs to be better comunications between The coaches , WADA, IAAF and the JAAA. I don’t think that anyone should be deprived of preparing there athletes in the best facilities available if they can afford it. that has been a problem in the past where athletes from some countries had access to state of the art facilities, while others had nothing more than a small hut to call training camp. Comunication is the real issue here. it’s not that complicated. JAAA wants to make it complicated by dictating everything to everyone that they percieve to be beneath them.

  7. @ Waynef. You beginning to sound like a lawyer turn politician. The statement Franno made was not ambigious but clear as black and white. Okay then, lets say what he said was misconstrue,now tell me did he have to go the path of least resistance or playing gutter politics and try to flip the script on the JAAA by bringing up the doping issue.What if it was his athletes who were in that predicament? I bet he would not be singing the same sankey about….issues with doping and JAAA. Or better even if their was not a drug issue at the time he would still be inventing excuses ….because the problem is not withFranno but the JAAA fighting Franno… Beacsue Franno is not from the old boy traditional high schools who control track and field Admin in jamaica. Franno is an outsider…so he is a victim of petty old boy politics.

    No athletes or athletic clubs have a right but rather a privilege to represent their country at major international meets. When an athlete is on the circuit running for himself and is sponsors thats a different kettle of fish and even then there are procedures to follow.There is a process and rules to follow along the way….even when you are the star. Franno athletes defaulted on their privilege to rep JA at WC 2009 because they simply didnot follow through on the rules.

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