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Blogger Asked: What Is Going On With Asafa Powell?

I went to the Penn Relays to see Asafa Powell run against Usain Bolt, the show down was the big motivator for me to go on a four hour road trip to PA from NJ.

After seen the crowd going wild for Bolt as if I was in a Room type coliseum watching Spartacus killing some want to be gladiators, the atmosphere was very fiery as if nothing matters but the moment.

One thing was clear and that was the absent of Powell, everyone was warming up for their events and I couldn’t put my eyes on Asafa Powell. No where to be seen.

Question time
Something strange is going on here…what is the real reason?

Why Powell didn’t take part at Penn’s Relays?
Is it the toe injury?
Is it disagreement between Powell and Nike?
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