American World 100m silver medallist Tyson Gay, who is scheduled to run the 400 metres at tomorrow’s seventh staging of the Jamaica International Invitational, is hoping to challenge Usain Bolt’s 200m record of 19.19 seconds later this season.

“I hope that my 400m relates to my 200m dropping down and I think that’s the key,” Gay told journalists during a one-hour teleconference organised by track and field’s governing body, the IAAF, yesterday.

Gay, the 2007 world sprint double champion from Osaka, is third on the all-time list of 200m runners with 19.58 achieved last season. Only Bolt and former record-holder Michael Johnson (with 19.32secs) has ever gone faster.

“I’m healthy and for me to open up with 44.8 by accident, because I haven’t been training in spikes or done any speed work, that’s just amazing, but it just shows that I go out there and run hard,” he added…..Read More

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  1. my advice to tyson gay if you want to beat bolt , buy a rolls royce and get inside. he has already started his usual talk , first time in spikes , didnt do any speed work etc etc. if we are to believe you then you must so great and one day when you are 100 per cent fit , if that will ever happen you will beat all of bolt,s records.

  2. The main reason why I like and respect Tyson Gaye is that he never seems to give up. This is good for athletics because this will force Bolt to stay sharp and push him to run even faster. A one man show is good to Jamaicans but a competitive show is good to the world. As for Asafa Powell I looked at his tapes of his last two World Championships and Beijing Olympic relay legs and I think if he run the same way doing a flat 100m race with the other big two, he should be able to hold his own and win a few of those races. Still this is a big if because even when he was dominating he always seemed to ease up at the last 10m, seems then he has trained his brain to run 90m and decelerate for the next 10m.

  3. Walter IO hear you Man. the season is just barely on his way and Tyson is already to talk a-lot-a hype. “first time in Spikes” I too, had to smile when I read that. I can’t wait. This will be a hell of a season. no major Championships, a lot a guys are healthy or comming back to form. I can’t wait! R Taylor, Your last sentence is a sad one but it just may have some truth to it. I wish Asafa would run through the tape more often. he’s cost himself a lot of races by not doing so. Furthermore he gives the impression that he’s a quitter. all his opponents have to do is give him a good battle and he’s likely to fold. It’s the sad truth.

  4. its hard to figure asafa out , my offering is he didnt like losing his world record, he was enjoying the spotlight and all the adulation now usain bolt is the man. all these bad habits he picked up not running through the tape and giving up are not good signs , having said that he is still the number three sprinter in the world, i think he can learn from usain bolt , the way he handles pressure, the way he is able to relax and focus. i would like to see him train with usain and stop talking about beating him. he should focus on beating tyson gay because tyson feeds off weakness.

  5. I really like that Tyson Gay is setting high goals for himself. If he wants that 200m record and knows what it takes, and has what it takes, then he’ll do it. Right now is his time to gain what it takes to achieve that goal. Bolt has definitely set the bar high, but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t reachable. It will just require Gay to train smartly enough to give him that opportunity to be a true challenge to Bolt.
    Yes Gay talks, a bit too much, arguably so, but Gay also puts his action on the track. However,I think you might be mistaking Gay’s “talking” for him just stating where he is right now in his training, and being genuinely surprised at what he has done so far. Maybe just maybe.

    Asafa doesn’t need to train with Bolt. Asafa needs to train as if he’s running the 110m dash. And stay focused on his lane. Maybe Asafa needs to do some handicap training to simulate the pressure he’ll encounter on the circuit….IDK
    But Gay feeding off of weakness? You gotta come better than that! I don’t think Gay for one minute underestimates Asafa’s weakness. He didn’t in 07, and he doesn’t now.

  6. Nathaniel: on disrespect, but i,m trying to make good sense of what you are trying to say…..your saying, that if Tyson Gay wants the 200m record and knows what and has what it takes, then he’ll do it….Lol…you goes on to say, Right now is his time to GAIN what it takes to achieve that goal…Nathaniel: how do you know that right now is HIS time to gain what it takes? how do you know that ? because he had a successful GROIN operation? or because he ran 44 something the other day?….Tyson Gay runs with too much intensity, the expression on his face, whenever he,s running, looks like he,s about to explode, the veins in his neck and face, the eyes popping out of his head….. Hey…..something tells me that this gay is gonna hurt himself chasing king Usain of Jamaica, Records.

  7. lol roots you too bad walter a true you a talk gay always have a bag of excuses you notice how him dodge usain in the 200m lol

  8. Well Gay Mr. Bolt gave you something to think about just now with the the 4th fastest 200 M time ever ran in history. He relegated you from No. 4 to 5 Gay think on these things and stop creating melee with all these media interviews. Let your feet do the talking and not your mouth. Usain is so calm and cool this year and he lets his feet do the talking and then the inetrviews after. Way to go Bolt. Keep doing what you do best = RUN FAST

  9. Tyson will not get Bolt. Period. We know it and he knows it. Tyson is currently the best of the rest, and he’s running for nothing more than silver. The WR’s aren’t his for the taking. I think he’ll even find it hard to get to MJ’s 19.32. In the 100 there’s only one guy besides Bolt who once had the ability and build to go below 9.6 and that’s Powell.
    Accept it; the next couple of years it’ll be Bolt dominating the sprints. Tyson and Asafa are getting older and already show the strains of pushing themselves. They problably won’t be there in 2012 (or Gay must decide to move up to the 400).The likes of Dix and the young Jamaicans don’t have what it takes to go below 9.8. Bolt changed the game. The rest will problably follow in 25 years 😉

  10. With all due respect, Mr Gay, you have not got a “snow flakes chance in hell” of beating Usain Bolt’s current World Records. I say current because unlike you the only person capable of breaking Bolts world records is him. You are truly deluding yourself. The only way Mr Bolt can be bettered is by someone who has a longer stride and faster turnover.
    And that, my friend, is not going to be you.

  11. Conclusions made from half truths are so dangerous, lol
    This is nothing more than unsubstantiated bias

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