American star sprinter Tyson Gay, has one goal in mind this year, and that is to lower Usain Bolt’s 9.58secs world record in the 100m.

Gay, who will continue his build-up to the rest of the season later this evening with a 400m run at the JN-sponsored Jamaica Inter-national Invitational inside the National Stadium, is hoping to improve on his own personal best of 9.69, which is also Bolt’s former world record mark.

The 2007 Osaka World Cham-pionships triple gold medalist and Berlin 2009 World Championships silver medalist, is also looking to improve his time in the 400m, and is eyeing the possibility of running the one-lap event on a more regular basis, in order to make the USA’s 4x400m relay team in the future.

“I’ve already programmed my mind to run faster,” said Gay. “I’m thinking of 9.58 or faster this year.”….The Jamaica Gleaner

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  1. I said it before and i,m saying it again….Usain Bolt make a lot of athletes change there mind about the 100m and 200m events….when these athletes line up against Bolt, all they are trying to do is, to pick up the silver or the bronze, they know that the gold is a foregone conclusion… and so they just run for the minor places….some athlete it seem, can,t take it any more, can,t stand to be looking at the back of Bolt vest all the time, so it seems there trying to change there event diplomatically.

  2. I don’t care what everybody say i know tyson will get bolt this year i mean he is and was the fastest man in the world so why can’t he do it again. So he’ll do it watch and see.

  3. I hear you Andrew, but Tyson knows that to beat Usain is a tall order, not saying that it can’t be done, because I do think it can, but Tyson’s definitely not unerestimating the challenge.

    Psych, Tyson ran a 9.69 in SHanghai last year, but it was with a tailwind of 2.0m/s

    Tony, do you really think every sprinter out there is gunning for second and third place? What type of mentality is that. It’s respectable for someone to be ambitious, even if that person is only a 10second sprinter. There’s no reason to run then, if that mentality is present. Bolt should be inspiring people to want to run on his level, not to make people want to give up or automatically downgrade themselves. That’s where the depth of respect for Tyson comes from. But I still think he needs to realize that the media is not always his friend, and therefore needs to hush and run

  4. Ok…so gay thinks he can run faster than 9.58….ok i can accept that..what i can’t accept though is tyson thinking thats gonna help him beat bolt….people we all know bolt hasn’t even peaked yet…he’s a young guy…early 20s…whilst tyson is nearly 30….hmmmmmmmm…I dont see tyson beating bolt…sorry andrew

  5. The only way TG can beat Usain is if he let him or Usain is not well or, God forbid, he (TG) takes some Extenzee.. Just go back and look at the two when they ran the 100 at the WC last year. One (Usain) was relaxed and fluent, the other (TG) seemed as if he was straining and over the limit. Usain looked as if he still had more left in him.

  6. You know, Tyson Gay ought to seriously consider running the 400 exclusively, especially with Merritt out of the picture and Wariner seemingly having lost his magic. I think, with a little focus, he could run under 44. What an achievement that would be: sub-10, sub-20, sub-44! Go for it Tyson.

  7. shakes i hear you and yes you are right wariner has really lost it him too craven him should stick to the evil whe him know but frankly speaking do you really thing gay has the depth for a quartermile me no know

  8. He’s run 44.8 this season without much focus so yes I do, minnie. He has the physical strength and mental toughness to endure the training. Doesn’t have Bolt’s problem of having to fuel a big body over the distance.

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