By Gary Smith

Triple Olympic and World sprint double champion Usain Bolt sizzled to a stunning 19.56seconds to win the men’s 200m at the Jamaican International Invitational at the National Stadium in Kingston on Saturday night.

Bolt got off to rocket of a start – blasting to 10.10seconds for the first 100, before covering the final 100m in sub-9.50seconds to send the entire stadium to their feet.

The performance was the fourth fastest ever for the event. He holds the world record at 19.19secs.

American Wallace Spearmon finished second in 19.98secs, with Ryan Bailey third in 20.43.

Veronica Campbell-Brown dominated the women’s race as she eased home in a time of 22.60.

American Tyson Gay landed another impressive win over his regular distant when he won the men’s 400m in a flash time of 45.05seconds.

The World 2007 sprint double champion from Osaka, ran a well judged race and managed to hold off the strong finish of Jamaica’s Jermaine Gonzales, who posted 45.22 and Trinidadian defending champion Renny Quow – 45.64.

“I have been working hard and I am happy to be back,” Gonzales told reporters after his second place finish. “I just want to look forward from here.”

Novlene Williams-Mills opening with her fastest ever time and win the women’s race in 50.33. Kenia Sinclair won the women’s 800m in a meet record of 1:58.62.

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  1. Mr. Bolt it look like you were on a mission today. Nice run. Just keep going and let Gay keep talking while you put it down on the track. This is your first 200M and you already are above everyone else and you made it looked easy according to the commentators unlike Gay who ran the 400m and was vomiting afterward. and could not do the interview…

  2. Usain bolt just give tyson gay something to think about and i can’t wait for may 14 to see what he do in the 100m

  3. That comment is not really a fair one. Remember tyson is a 1 and 200m runner. Usain was originally a 2 and 400m runner. And usain hates the 400m too. For the same reason tyson might have been vomiting. 400m training is puke guts training. That’s y usain hates it. I’m jamaican. But personally I think tyson is a cool and humble dude. My respect to him. I think 2nd place is up for grabs.. Cuz asafa looks great. I even think yohan blake might do something special this year too. We’ll see

  4. I agree. For the most part Tyson is one cool cat, I like his style. Despite his few outburst unknown by most, his character is such as refreshing change to the typical American egotistic attitude a la Maurice Greene and those of his ilk

  5. @Ray, actually, Tyson used to be a 400m runner. Then he stepped down to the 200m and 100m. And now, just like Usain, runs a couple 400m every year. Now he is stepping back up to the 400m in an effort to improve his 200m. 400m running and training is not unfamiliar to him.

    He is a complete 180 degrees from US sprinters of the past, and thank God for that, but I think people confuse his quietness for humility. Based on the outbursts I’ve witnessed and some of the comments he’s made, he’s definitely not a humble guy.

    But it’s ok. For the media to sell this rivalry thing, they needed to make Tyson into the antithesis of Usain. If Usain is boisterous and cocky, Gay then needs to be reserved and humble. That’s fine with me. If it increases viewership and packs seats, they could portray him as Mother Theresa for all I care.

  6. For me personally I respect Tyson Gaye attitude of not giving up. This makes the 100m & 200m competitive and interesting. The last two times he raced Bolt, we saw two world records. The harder he try is the more likely the world record will fall. Regardless of outburst and all he always give credit and never try to belittle his defeats. For this I respect him.

  7. @RTaylor

    Are you implying that the reason Bolt set his world records is because he was racing Tyson Gay? I surely hope you’re not. Bolt has broken 4 world records that did not involve Gay. Bolt does NOT need Tyson Gay in a race with him to set records.

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