A lack of IOC commitment meant Sydney was ”a Games that had drug users who were not caught”, writes David Sygall.

Somewhere, possibly now at the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland, a file containing the coded identities of seven drug cheats from the Sydney Olympic Games is secretly kept from the public.

They are athletes who tested positive to erythropoietin, known as EPO, during the Games yet competed freely and may have won medals ahead of competitors who played by the rules.

The seven names will never be released, at least officially, because the method by which they were caught was rejected by the IOC shortly before the Games. The method, devised by Australian scientists and known as the ”off model”, could catch athletes who had used EPO for up to about six weeks before the test.

Instead, the IOC sanctioned the ”on model”, which detected EPO only if it had been used within the previous three days…..Read More At Brisbane Times

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