Usain Bolt has warned his rivals not to read to much into the defeat to Tyson Gay earlier this season, while admitting that he and American does not see eye to eye.

Bolt, the world’s fastest man and treble Olympic and World sprint champion, cut his season short because of a back injury, but prior to making that announcement he suffered his first defeat in two years to Gay in Stockholm.

And while many sized up concerns and search for answers about the uncharacteristic patching season from the man called “Lightening Bolt”, the Jamaican took the time to mentioned that the defeat to his arch rival does not really count.

Bolt stop to remind that when the championships comes around he will be ready.

“For me it doesn’t count,” he said in The Mirror. “This is not a championship year.

“I will be ready for those. Tyson gets upset because every time he runs fast, I run faster.

“I think deep down he probably hates my guts.”

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