The dates for the 2011 Diamond League series have been announced. Notable change on the schedule is the opening Diamond League meeting in 2011 on England soil which sees the meeting moving from Gateshead to Birmingham, the IAAF has announced Wednesday.

The Diamond League, which replaced the Golden League last season, will see competition in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

There will still be 14 events on the calender.

Diamond League calendar 2011:

Friday 6 May – Doha, Qatar

Sunday 15 May – Shanghai, China

Thursday 26 May – Rome, Italy

Saturday 4 June – Eugene, USA

Thursday 9 June – Oslo, Norway

Saturday 11 June – New York, USA

Thursday 30 June – Lausanne, Switzerland

Friday 8 July – Paris, France

Sunday 10 July – Birmingham, Great Britain

Friday 22 July – Monaco

Friday 29 July – Stockholm, Sweden

Friday 5/Saturday 6 August – London, Great Britain

Thursday 8 September – Zurich, Switzerland

Friday 16 September – Brussels, Belgium

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