Usain Bolt Says He Can Run 9.40 Next Year or 2012

The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt has told his rivals to expect fast time in the coming years as he looks to defend his World

The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt has told his rivals to expect fast time in the coming years as he looks to defend his World and Olympic sprint crowns.

Bolt is the triple world and Olympic gold medallist and world record holder over 100m and 200m – with times of 9.58secs and 19.19secs and he believes he can run as fast as 9.40 for the 100m, either next year or the year of the Olympics.

“When I clocked 9.72 seconds to set the world 100m record in New York, I knew I could do better; when I ran 9.69 to win gold at the Olympics, I knew there was a lot more to come; and now, having run 9.58 in Berlin, I believe I can go even faster,” Bolt wrote.

“It is possible for me to run 9.4. You can’t be sure when or where, but the major competitions are when I take it seriously and shine through. That’s business time, and I’m not going to let anyone take my titles away, so the World Championships in Korea in 2011 or the London Olympics in 2012 are where it will probably happen.

“To get from 9.58 to 9.4 will involve a lot of hard work – it will have to be the perfect race from the start, through the drive phase, to making sure my focus is straight ahead and maintaining my form to the end. I’ve never been the best starter, but it’s improving, and I must stop looking from side to side, which is my worst habit. I lose time that way, but I can’t help it. My coach Glen Mills says he could cure the problem in an instant by putting blinkers on me like they do with racehorses…..Read Full At JamaicaObserver

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4 thoughts on “Usain Bolt Says He Can Run 9.40 Next Year or 2012”

  1. Hi Usain! I know that it is possible run even 9.00 but that is beyond human. I WILL PROABLY TAKES SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THAT. Speed is calculated distance divide by time.And time multiply by 3600 divide by 1000=kilometers per hour.S=d/t & SX3600/1000.Do your best.Peace!

  2. Nuff a dem a sey u dun because Tyson won one race against you this year, just go out there a do your ting, and prove to the hater that they were wrong and don’t listen to bad-minded people dem.Stay focus and healthy and put Jah first.

  3. Bolt we already know u can run 9.40 based on the statistics from all the past races where u dealt with the wind and rain. On a perfect day and situation we know u can do it so to hell with all the haters. Just do your thing.

  4. Four ingredients makes the perfect sprinter.
    1. you have form
    2. you have speed and stamina
    3. you have good health
    4. now you need to work on your focus.
    I have a 1994 jaguar xj-6 , 400-hp, 0-60 in 6.00sec.
    It came from the factory with the above 3 items and as the driver I gave it number #4.
    you were born with the above three things you just need to master the fourth and you too will be like the cat. leave the block with conviction , turn on your after-burners and every one else will be barbecued. no watch nutting. you have no competition except your self.


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