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Zürich on top – 100-1500m statistics – Very deep Top Lists

The third year in a raw Weltklasse Zürich is the best meeting in the world being Nr. 1 in the Invitational/One-day outdoor competitions category in the Competition Ranking. France organized the most Top-100 ranked meetings in 2010.

Last year’s runners up, Rome and Monaco dropped to 10th and 5th respectively while Brussels and Paris take the “silver and bronze medal” positions this time.

According to the analysis of France organized the highest number of quality meetings (10) although they have one less Top-100 ranked events than in 2009. Interesting to note that 8 of those meetings are also ranked in the Top-50.

Italy and Belgium improved a lot. Italy is now the second most active in this category with 9 meetings in the Top-100 (5 of them in Top-50) while Belgium have 6 Top-100 ranked meetings (3 of them are also in the Top-50).

The number of quality meetings in Greece has dropped dramatically from four to one.

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