Sprint ace Asafa Powell has revealed that he is still recovering from an injury and is not giving his full hundred in practice.

The former world record holder is back in training preparing for what is expected to be a very busy season – but admits that a back injury, which he expects to be good as new at the end of the year – has kept him from going at his max.

He said in his diary on the IAAF website: “I am still holding back a little in training because the (back) injury has not fully healed as yet.

“I give it by year’s end, by that time it should be better. The diagnosis is, there’s a muscle in my back that got tight and caused the natural arch that’s there to straighten out, which is said to be causing the pain in my back.

Powell also mentioned the tough start in his preparation for the IAAF World Championships in Daegu next year.

He said: 

”Training is going well. As usual, the first couple of weeks are difficult but I have to try and manage them as best as possible, but I am really doing well, things are going smoothly, there aren’t much complaints.”

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