An Indian sprinter has failed a drug test and could face disciplinary actions if found guilty, Indian doping officials say.

It is being reported that Suresh Sathya, a member of the Indian 4×100-meter relay team that won bronze at Commonwealth Games in New Delhi games in October, has tested positive for the steroid nandralone in an out-of-competition test in November.

A sample from Sathya was collected by the Athletics Federation of India on November14, but the positive result was not confirmed by the National Anti-Doping Agency until Nov. 23. The test was reportedly a test similar to a 10-panel urine drug test, which can detect most substances and is a popular form of drug test often used in companies for employees. The Anti-Doping Agency is also rumored to use hair sample tests in some cases.

The sprinter was also a member of India’s team that competed at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China where he failed to win a medal from the two events he competed in.

Sathya isn’t the first athlete to be caught out by a drug test, there have been many around the world, with many leading to bans. American Sprinter Tyson Gay was caught in 2013, resulting in a year ban from the sport. Another famous sprinter Ben Johnson was also found guilty of doping and was stripped of his medal from the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Sathya faces a two-year ban if his “B” sample also tests positive.

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