New York, NY (Sporting Alert) — Jeremy Wariner, Tyson Gay and Blanka Vlasic have been confirmed to compete at the 2011 adidas Grand Prix in New York in June.

Great Britain’s heptathlon world champion Jessica Ennis, will also compete at the meet.

Wariner, who won gold in the 400 meters at the 2004 Olympics and silver at the Beijing Games in 2008, is back with long-time coach Clyde Hart and is aiming to climb back to the top of the one lap event, after playing second fiddle to fellow American LaShawn Merrit at the last two majors.

Gay, in the meantime, is the 2007 World Championships sprint double gold medallist and also the silver medal winner over the 100m at the last championships behind Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, who went on to break the world record.

Croatian high jumper Vlasic, who is a four-time world champion, is set to make her U.S. debut at the June 11 meet.

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  1. i hope at the world championship that tyson gay beat bolt and set a new world record 9.30 because the word is fed up with bolt bolt bolt give me a break

  2. Come on moses the guy has talent it will a good man to beat bolt and i don’t see Gay doing that. The is gifted with his natural abilities to run fast without ant drugs. Just provisions and he is good to go. Keep your eyes open to hear BOLT ALL THE WAY IN 2011.

  3. No ,the world is not fed-up with Bolt,you Americans are,but tough luck,no great chance of that happening.

  4. Moses i think you need to go back to sleep and try for another dream,you americans are going to be tired of seeing his face as well as the list of young jamaican sprinters coming up.stand by for more world record this year,for sure in the 4 by 100 metre relay.mark my words!

  5. i think that they should start to have hight devision in running because bolt is too tall than every one else ….. its unfair and i knw that tyson gay will take the 100m record ………so take that jamacians
    he will run 9.20 if he have to you all will see yes yes tyson you are the best.

  6. Moses i have 2 words 4 u..bad mind, coz thats just wat u are. Tyson Gay will run himself into the ground trying to catch up with bolt, and he’ll never beat Bolt when it matters. The one time he did Bolt was partyin the weekend before so that counts for nil. By the way height was never an advantage for srinters, it is actually cnsidered a disadvantage, until boly showed the world that despite his height, he can run the 100m.

  7. tyson will run 9.30 , he will need the whole of pfizer corp to assist him, americans cant stand the sight of usain bolt because he is from the caribbean, you dont have the best sprinters in the world, you always had help from phd, and that is not a doctorate degree ,the true sprinters are from jamaica learn to live with it.

  8. Michael Johnson the 400m world record holder is from America… Who won the last 400m in the last olympics an American… We still have talent in the 400 and dont see any jamacians winning that. Bolt is a phenomal sprinter but honestly how many olympic 100m runners are taller than 6’2? Have you seen his stride? Tyson is a better starter but bolt outstrides him because of his height. If you take away the height of bolt it would be a very close race.

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