American sprint legend Carl Lewis says he will not be drawn into making an immediate prediction as to who would win the men’s 100 metres at next summer Olympic Games.

Jamaican sprint ace and world record holder Usain Bolt has dominated the sprint events at the last two major championships, but American Tyson Gay will be a strong candidate to give the sprint king a good run for his money at the Games in London.

But Lewis, who won gold medals at four consecutive Olympics, including four in Los Angeles in 1984, remained tight lipped about who he thought will win gold.

“You’re not going to get an answer out of me,” Lewis laughed and said, when asked who he thought might win the men’s 100m next summer.

“I’m not in the prediction game. If I predict anything, it’s a story. What if I say Tyson Gay is going to win the 100m?

“Then everyone will run up to Tyson and say: ‘Carl says you’re going to win the 100m.’ Then they’ll go to Usain Bolt and say: ‘Carl says Tyson is going to win’.”

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  1. LOL, THat’s right Carl. You’ve learned ur lesson, stay out of the lion’s den and plead the fifth! 😀

  2. Carl is tight lipped because only one race is on his mind and that’s the Senate Race in New Jersey! Yall, think he’ s stupid?

  3. Yea he,s tight lipped this time because he had made so much bad comments and pridiction in the past, whats up Nathaniel?

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