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Tyson Gay fires 9.79-seconds warning to rival Bolt

Clermont, Florida (Sporting Alert) -- Tyson Gay send out a stunning warning to his rivals on Saturday with a sizzling 9.79 seconds clocking in Clermont.

Clermont, Florida (Sporting Alert) — Tyson Gay send out a stunning warning to his rivals on Saturday with a sizzling 9.79 seconds clocking in Clermont.

The American, who will be gunning to dethrone Usain Bolt of his World Championships title later this summer, sped home ahead of Jamaica’s Nickel Ashmeade, who improved his career best to 9.96 secs for second place.

Kleston Bledman of Trinidad & Tobago was also among the sub-10 seconds runners at the meeting with his time being clocked at 9.99 and American Travis Padgett, 4th in 10.00secs.

Gay’s time improved Steve Mullings’ previous world-leading mark of 9.89secs, also on the same track, which has not been recognised by the IAAF.

Gay’s run, however, is way better than the double 9.91secs performances by Bolt, at a Diamond League meet in Rome and Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava, respectively.

Asafa Powell’s best this season is 9.93secs.

Gay will be in action again at the Diamond League in New York on June 11.

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11 thoughts on “Tyson Gay fires 9.79-seconds warning to rival Bolt”

  1. tyson gay u r the world best .. and i believe that you will break bolt world – record… i am fed up of bolt bolt bolt …. everyone will b start screaming tyson, tyson… because you are the best
    remember what you said you will run 9.69 and you did so you will run 9.20
    you will

  2. “Tyson Gay fires 9.79-seconds warning to rival Bolt”..a warning ?..c’mom man, Bolt’s best is 9.58, how can 9.79 be seen as a warning. At this point Bolt’s only competition is the clock. You all need to look at race in Berlin 2009 again to see how much catching up Tyson has to do to even equal Usain at his best..a warning..haha,that’s funny !

    • Dude, Bolt is on some really high end PEDs, the tall sprinter argument doesn’t totally fly, yeah i know, less steps/same turnover blah blah blah. Let’s call it what it is, Bolt improved WAY WAY too much from 2007 to 2008. Reality is, ALL the ELITE sprinters are on something, the key is not getting caught. Bolt reminds me of marion jones, taller than her competition, etc. and she would NOT have gotten caught had the whole BALCO thing not exploded. There is no way the tiny Jamaica puts out that many good runners without a seriously good chemist.

  3. well done tyson…bt u cnt stop d jamaicans..@ d world champs its go b tyson against 7 jamaicans in d final…

  4. Well done tyson but sorry for u this year cause Jamaica has BOLT(9.58s),MULLINGS(9.799s),GONZALES(9.8+s),CARTER(9.74s),and POWELL(9.72s) who has all run sub 9.9secs and are capable of doing better. Dont watch the times so far cause its EARLY DAYS yet!!!!!

  5. It’s a new year folks, where anything can happen. A 9.58 on paper doesn’t mean he should go pick up his medal right now just because of his past accolades. SO don’t bet on it that too much. And a 9.79 is pretty good for this part of the season. Let’s just hope everyone stays healthy for Daegu and beyond!

  6. I agree with Nathaniel. I do think that Bolt has the best chance of winning if he’s fully fit and focused. But we can’t let his past performances determine what he’ll do in the future. I do think him and gay at 100% should be another awesome race with a threat to break the record again. I’m american but I support powell and bolt. But I gotta give tyson his props. He runs and trains his butt off. But he better run a pb if he plans on beating a fully fit Bolt. Let alone yohan blake or the other jamaicans. These world championships should be very interesting. I’m hoping everyone is at their best at that time so there are no excuses.

  7. jamaica is too small a nation to produce so many sprinters at once something is totally wrong i think some sort of investigation should be done


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