Asafa Powell sees nothing wrong with the false start rule that knocked his fellow Jamaican team-mate and world record holder Usain Bolt out of the final of the men’s 100m at the weekend.

Bolt was disqualified from the highlighted sprint event at the World Championships in Daegu, on Sunday, which saw a flood of calls for the one false-start rule to be changed.

However, Powell said there is nothing wrong with the rule – adding that no one would have been calling for a change if it didn’t happened to Bolt.

So, what if it was Yohan Blake?

Powell said: “People want it [to] be changed, but it’s fine the way it is. It’s up to you to wait for the gun, no matter what the rule is.

“I don’t think people should be looking into the rule too much. If it was someone else, maybe if it was Yohan Blake, no one would make a big deal of it.”

And Powell, who pulled out of the championships with a groin injury – was also a victim of a false-start rule – and he believes its just part of the sport.

“I wasn’t embarrassed,” Powell said about missing his share of big races, which he thinks deprived the fans who paid to see them.

“People get injured, people false start, people get DQs. It’s just a sport.”

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  1. Powell is very selfish he should be asking for the rules to go back to the old way. I have false started many times in the pass and came back in the same race and win the championships. for CAST/UTEC and ja. we started the club with mr powell i help pave the way for foolish selfish ass bet your bother Donavan would not think the rules make sense. The rules steal dreams and take the glory from the true champions of the sports.

    (Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay) powell need to keep his thoughts to himself he’s a moron.

  2. The rules need to be change its not good for track and field i wanted bolt to win by daylight. LoL! Then do that pose! LoL!
    The rules take away from the enjoyment of the fan. I saw what happened to Bolt and was so disappointed. Its not about you its about the athelete and the fans and the fans are not happy so you Iaaf . do the right thing and make the fan the they want is running not DQ . they train for hrs every day so lets see them run. thanks

  3. I agree with Powell,nothing is wrong with the rule,if you are a sprinter false starts mess with your game a lot, you think its fair for a guy to false start and go on to win the race, remember a split sec can win these races, u must have a open mind not because you like Bolt.

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