Usain Bolt is refusing to blame anyone for his false-start that saw him being dumped from the World Championships 100-metres finals last weekend.

The Jamaican – champion in both the 100m and 200m sprints in Berlin – was disqualified from the straightaway event, after he jumped the gun.

But while many found other areas to blame for the disappointing incident, Bolt took full responsibility for his action – saying that he should have waited for the gun to go off.

“I am not going to blame anybody for anything, I picked start,” said Bolt.

The 25-year-old also dismissed suggestions that his training partner and fellow countryman Yohan Blake, who went on to win the event, should have been called back after TV camera revealed he moved first.

Bolt said: “Even if Blake moved a little bit it was for me to stay in my blocks. My coach always explained that people will move sometime, but you cannot focus on one person, you got to focus on yourself and try to execute.

“So for me, yes he may have moved, but I haven’t watch it over to say yes he did, but for me I am happy for him.

“He is my training partner and he did well and he deserved it because he is a hard worker. I see him every day and he works really hard, he works even harder than me.”

The championships started out disappointing, but ended in glorious fashion for Bolt, after the lanky sprinter teamed up with Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Blake to set a world record in the final of the men’s 4x100m relay – pulling down the curtains on the nine day championships.

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  1. What happened with the UK’s baton after Patton’s fall? It appeared on TV that it was thrown down, but did it ever get to their anchor?

  2. Usain you are a true champion and I am very happy you did not blame any one for what happen in the 100m race thats why god gave you and the rest of the team the glory at the end of the championships you have love in your heart for your team mates you are blessed

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