Channel 4 dropped host Ortis Deley as its presenter during the just concluded IAAF World Championships, following a flourish off mistakes which led to numerous complaints from viewers.

But did you see all the mistakes the unfortunate chap made. Check out this Youtube

Deley, surrounded by a host of world-class athletes, at times seems as though he was losing his mind or memory, after struggling to remember the names of those competing and even his own presenters calling the events at trackside.

He took long pauses and changed the initial subjects as he stumbled over words – looking down on his script.

The 38-year-old, who is without any doubt a competent broadcaster and popular with The Gadget Show, did himself no justice when he began creating his own disciplines, such as “the men’s 100-metre hurdles” and even claiming that South African double-amputee runner Oscar Pistorius was “the fastest man on no legs”.

Deley opened the eyes of studio guest and regular analyst Michael Johnson, when he asked the four-times Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter, if he was a pole vaulter. He even called the three-time Olympic gold medallist and double world record holder Usain Bolt “the Honourable Leo Usain Bolt – that also got a glance from Johnson.

However, none of those beat his memorable sign-off: “So we have a gloriously sunny day here in the studio. We’ve seen some action this morning as well. Jessica Ennis. Good night.”

And also this one: “history in the making, as Oscar Pistorius from South Africa makes history.”

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