ISTANBUL, Turkey — Several athletes have expressed their disappointments with the poor the quality of starter’s gun at the IAAF World Indoor Championships, currently taking place in Istanbul, Turkey.

On a day that saw some shake ups in the sprints, both American Kristi Castlin and Jamaica’s Lerone Clarke – two heavy gold medal candidates – were dumped from their respective events, while others – although surviving – were affected by the poor quality from the starter’s gun.

Clarke, the second fastest in the world this season over 60m, at 6.47seconds, got stuck in the blocks and finished and fourth in a disappointing 7.05seconds, while Castlin, the world-leader over the 60m hurdles didn’t even clear the first barrier in the women’s sprint hurdles.

They were both in the outside lanes and athletes in that area were largely affected.

Jamaica’s Nesta Carter, though qualifying easily in the men’s 60m said: “The gun is the problem. You gotta fix this gun!

“There’s an unfair advantage because some people hear the gun before others and then it bounces back. I made it to next round, so I am satisfied.”

“There’s a problem with the sound system,” said American Trell Kimmons, the fastest man over the short dash this season – who managed to get it right to progress in his event.

“And because of the false start rule, I didn’t want to get out of the blocks before everybody went.”

Defending Champion Dwain Champions from Great Britain got away from the field quickly, but he noted: “Actually you hear the echo of the gun and you just have to be professional.

“I saw the heats before mine on the screen, so I had to be mindful of what was going on.”

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