World Championships High Jump bronze medallist Ariane Friedrich has exposed a stalker on social media powerhouse Facebook.

The German star, Friedrich, revealed that a man went as far as sending her a photo of his genitals in an email, and the furious Olympic, who happens to also be a police officer, put him to shame on the world wide web.

She said has been troubled by stalkers in the past and this time she was determined to take action

Friedrich, according to press agency DPA, also plans to bring charges against the individual.

The 2009 medal winner from in Berlin, said revealed how she had posted the man’s name, home address and contact information on her page as a sign “of making clear that I am prepared to act.”

“I’ve been offended in the past, sexually harassed and I’ve had a stalker before,” said added.

The 28-year-old jumper added: “It’s time to act, it’s time to defend myself. And that’s what I’m doing. No more and no less.”

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