Results from the throwing events on day two of the 2012 Kansas Relays, currently taking place at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas.

Memorial Stadium – University of Kansas – 4/18/2012 to 4/23/2012

Women Hammer Throw College
Red Sector Min Mark = 119-9′ (36.50) Top 9 to final
Min Mark = Yellow
KU Relays: M 61.92m 2007 Zlata Tarasova, Kansas
Name Year School Finals
1 Alena Krechyk JR Kansas 66.05mM 216-08
63.55m 64.16m FOUL 65.10m 66.05m FOUL
2 Chandra Andrews Shocker Trac 62.03mM 203-06
62.03m FOUL 61.66m 58.38m 61.23m FOUL
3 Victoria Zimmerman SR Nebraska 58.03m 190-05
55.41m 57.10m 57.75m 55.97m 58.03m 57.12m
4 Kate Walter SR NW Missouri 57.08m 187-03
FOUL FOUL 56.61m FOUL 55.63m 57.08m
5 Jade Siegel SR Nebraska 55.80m 183-01
55.31m 54.77m 55.80m 53.53m 55.68m 54.23m
6 Cortni Ervin JR Missouri 54.20m 177-10
53.52m 54.20m 53.55m 53.14m 54.11m FOUL
7 Melissa Coil SR Missouri 54.04m 177-03
54.04m 53.42m FOUL 53.11m FOUL FOUL
8 Amanda Peiffer SR Missouri 53.84m 176-08
48.25m 50.32m 53.84m FOUL FOUL FOUL
9 Mary Morales SO Nebraska 52.70m 172-11
52.70m 47.95m 49.39m 47.96m 51.45m 47.49m
10 Kearsten Peoples FR Missouri 52.43m 172-00
47.30m 52.43m 47.66m
11 Jasmine Mosley SR South Dakota 51.80m 169-11
FOUL 51.80m 51.15m
12 Chelsie Bonds SR Kansas State 51.20m 168-00
51.20m FOUL FOUL
13 Laura Greenfield JR Missouri 51.16m 167-10
50.35m 51.16m FOUL
14 Jessica Carter JR Kansas State 50.54m 165-10
50.02m 48.68m 50.54m
15 Deja Jackson SR Emporia St. 50.25m 164-10
50.25m FOUL FOUL
16 Moriah Myles JR Wis.-Milwauk 50.20m 164-08
FOUL FOUL 50.20m
17 Jacquelyne Leffler JR Kansas State 48.40m 158-09
48.40m FOUL FOUL
18 Carlie Pinkelman FR Nebraska 48.31m 158-06
47.32m 44.30m 48.31m
19 Megan Collins JR Missouri 48.24m 158-03
47.22m 48.24m FOUL
20 Kyleigh Edwards SR Fort Hays St 47.79m 156-09
47.32m 47.01m 47.79m
21 Darci Schwartz SR South Dakota 43.81m 143-09
FOUL FOUL 43.81m
22 Katie Evans SO Missouri 43.27m 141-11
43.27m FOUL FOUL

Women Long Jump Invitational
Name Year School Finals Wind
1 Janay DeLoach Unattached 6.61m 0.5 21-08.25
6.37m(0.9) 6.38m(1.3) FOUL 6.22m(1.0) 6.61m(0.5) 6.07m(1.4)
2 Tori Polk Unattached 6.43m 2.0 21-01.25
FOUL 6.33m(0.2) 6.11m(+0.0) 6.43m(2.0) FOUL 5.85m(0.6)
3 Brianna Glenn Unattached 6.37m 0.5 20-10.75
FOUL 6.37m(0.5) 6.32m(0.3) FOUL 6.32m(1.3) FOUL
4 Rose Richmond Unattached 6.36m 1.6 20-10.50
6.31m(1.2) 6.36m(1.6) 6.32m(2.0) FOUL(1.8) 6.32m(0.9) FOUL
5 Bettie Wade Unattached 6.16m 0.8 20-02.50
6.10m(0.5) FOUL FOUL 6.16m(0.8) 5.65m(+0.0) FOUL
6 Amber Bledsoe Unattached 6.13m 0.9 20-01.50
6.10m(2.3) 5.92m(1.2) 6.13m(0.9) FOUL FOUL 6.05m(0.3)
7 Crystal Manning Unattached 5.98m 0.9 19-07.50
5.92m(1.0) FOUL 5.84m(1.8) 5.98m(0.9) 5.84m(0.9) 5.98m(1.1)
8 Natasha Coleman Unattached 5.95m 1.2 19-06.25
FOUL FOUL 5.64m(1.1) 5.79m(1.6) 5.95m(1.2) 5.86m(1.0)

Men Hammer Throw College
Sponsored by Penny’s Concrete
Red Sector Min mark = 144′ (43.90m) Top 9 to final
Min Mark = Yellow
KU Relays: M 74.42m 1983 Yuri Syedikh, Soviet Union
Name Year School Finals
1 Chris Holly Unattached 57.73m 189-05
56.01m 57.00m FOUL 57.73m 56.31m 57.09m
2 Tomaz Bogovic SR Kansas State 57.58m 188-11
FOUL 57.58m 56.76m FOUL 56.34m FOUL
3 Gabe Wickham SR Hastings 57.21m 187-08
55.80m 57.21m FOUL 55.71m FOUL 55.97m
4 Brian Duncan FR Missouri 56.62m 185-09
53.63m 53.46m 56.62m 54.55m FOUL FOUL
5 Carter Wasem SR Nebraska 56.22m 184-05
FOUL 56.22m 55.68m FOUL FOUL FOUL
6 Mitchall Heady SR Unattached 54.68m 179-05
FOUL 54.68m 53.14m FOUL FOUL FOUL
7 Tim McElroy SR Fort Hays St 54.60m 179-02
FOUL 54.60m FOUL FOUL 54.13m FOUL
8 Cody Weber SR Hastings 54.52m 178-10
9 Skylar Arneson FR Hutchinson C 54.39m 178-05
54.39m 53.61m 53.15m FOUL 53.94m 53.86m
10 Justin Victor SO Coffeyville 54.19m 177-09
52.70m FOUL 54.19m FOUL 53.49m FOUL
11 Garrett Wickham SR Hastings 53.55m 175-08
FOUL 53.55m FOUL
12 Matt Giesselmann SR Nebraska 52.90m 173-07
50.22m 50.99m 52.90m
13 Ryan Johnson JR Kansas State 51.89m 170-03
51.89m 49.98m FOUL
14 Matt Jensen SR Wis.-Milwauk 50.56m 165-10
47.98m FOUL 50.56m
15 Cole Ingram JR Nebraska 50.08m 164-04
50.08m 48.69m FOUL
16 Brooks Mosier JR Missouri 49.93m 163-10
FOUL 49.93m FOUL
17 Alex Roe SO Kansas State 49.16m 161-03
FOUL FOUL 49.16m
18 Denton Stephens SO South Dakota 48.96m 160-07
48.96m FOUL FOUL
19 Michael Thalken SO Nebraska-Kea 48.79m 160-01
48.79m 48.70m FOUL
20 Tim Opfer SR Missouri 48.77m 160-00
48.55m FOUL 48.77m
21 Brandon Karlin SR Nebraska-Kea 48.52m 159-02
48.52m FOUL FOUL
22 Weston Cotrell SO Hutchinson C 48.13m 157-11
36.55m 48.13m FOUL
23 Chris Gattman JR Kansas State 45.47m 149-02
42.75m 45.47m FOUL
— Chance Armstead JR Hastings FOUL

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