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Kansas Relays 2012 Day Two Throwing Results

Results from the throwing events on day two of the 2012 Kansas Relays, currently taking place at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas.

Memorial Stadium – University of Kansas – 4/18/2012 to 4/23/2012

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Women Hammer Throw College
Red Sector Min Mark = 119-9′ (36.50) Top 9 to final
Min Mark = Yellow
KU Relays: M 61.92m 2007 Zlata Tarasova, Kansas
Name Year School Finals
1 Alena Krechyk JR Kansas 66.05mM 216-08
63.55m 64.16m FOUL 65.10m 66.05m FOUL
2 Chandra Andrews Shocker Trac 62.03mM 203-06
62.03m FOUL 61.66m 58.38m 61.23m FOUL
3 Victoria Zimmerman SR Nebraska 58.03m 190-05
55.41m 57.10m 57.75m 55.97m 58.03m 57.12m
4 Kate Walter SR NW Missouri 57.08m 187-03
FOUL FOUL 56.61m FOUL 55.63m 57.08m
5 Jade Siegel SR Nebraska 55.80m 183-01
55.31m 54.77m 55.80m 53.53m 55.68m 54.23m
6 Cortni Ervin JR Missouri 54.20m 177-10
53.52m 54.20m 53.55m 53.14m 54.11m FOUL
7 Melissa Coil SR Missouri 54.04m 177-03
54.04m 53.42m FOUL 53.11m FOUL FOUL
8 Amanda Peiffer SR Missouri 53.84m 176-08
48.25m 50.32m 53.84m FOUL FOUL FOUL
9 Mary Morales SO Nebraska 52.70m 172-11
52.70m 47.95m 49.39m 47.96m 51.45m 47.49m
10 Kearsten Peoples FR Missouri 52.43m 172-00
47.30m 52.43m 47.66m
11 Jasmine Mosley SR South Dakota 51.80m 169-11
FOUL 51.80m 51.15m
12 Chelsie Bonds SR Kansas State 51.20m 168-00
51.20m FOUL FOUL
13 Laura Greenfield JR Missouri 51.16m 167-10
50.35m 51.16m FOUL
14 Jessica Carter JR Kansas State 50.54m 165-10
50.02m 48.68m 50.54m
15 Deja Jackson SR Emporia St. 50.25m 164-10
50.25m FOUL FOUL
16 Moriah Myles JR Wis.-Milwauk 50.20m 164-08
FOUL FOUL 50.20m
17 Jacquelyne Leffler JR Kansas State 48.40m 158-09
48.40m FOUL FOUL
18 Carlie Pinkelman FR Nebraska 48.31m 158-06
47.32m 44.30m 48.31m
19 Megan Collins JR Missouri 48.24m 158-03
47.22m 48.24m FOUL
20 Kyleigh Edwards SR Fort Hays St 47.79m 156-09
47.32m 47.01m 47.79m
21 Darci Schwartz SR South Dakota 43.81m 143-09
FOUL FOUL 43.81m
22 Katie Evans SO Missouri 43.27m 141-11
43.27m FOUL FOUL

Women Long Jump Invitational
Name Year School Finals Wind
1 Janay DeLoach Unattached 6.61m 0.5 21-08.25
6.37m(0.9) 6.38m(1.3) FOUL 6.22m(1.0) 6.61m(0.5) 6.07m(1.4)
2 Tori Polk Unattached 6.43m 2.0 21-01.25
FOUL 6.33m(0.2) 6.11m(+0.0) 6.43m(2.0) FOUL 5.85m(0.6)
3 Brianna Glenn Unattached 6.37m 0.5 20-10.75
FOUL 6.37m(0.5) 6.32m(0.3) FOUL 6.32m(1.3) FOUL
4 Rose Richmond Unattached 6.36m 1.6 20-10.50
6.31m(1.2) 6.36m(1.6) 6.32m(2.0) FOUL(1.8) 6.32m(0.9) FOUL
5 Bettie Wade Unattached 6.16m 0.8 20-02.50
6.10m(0.5) FOUL FOUL 6.16m(0.8) 5.65m(+0.0) FOUL
6 Amber Bledsoe Unattached 6.13m 0.9 20-01.50
6.10m(2.3) 5.92m(1.2) 6.13m(0.9) FOUL FOUL 6.05m(0.3)
7 Crystal Manning Unattached 5.98m 0.9 19-07.50
5.92m(1.0) FOUL 5.84m(1.8) 5.98m(0.9) 5.84m(0.9) 5.98m(1.1)
8 Natasha Coleman Unattached 5.95m 1.2 19-06.25
FOUL FOUL 5.64m(1.1) 5.79m(1.6) 5.95m(1.2) 5.86m(1.0)

Men Hammer Throw College
Sponsored by Penny’s Concrete
Red Sector Min mark = 144′ (43.90m) Top 9 to final
Min Mark = Yellow
KU Relays: M 74.42m 1983 Yuri Syedikh, Soviet Union
Name Year School Finals
1 Chris Holly Unattached 57.73m 189-05
56.01m 57.00m FOUL 57.73m 56.31m 57.09m
2 Tomaz Bogovic SR Kansas State 57.58m 188-11
FOUL 57.58m 56.76m FOUL 56.34m FOUL
3 Gabe Wickham SR Hastings 57.21m 187-08
55.80m 57.21m FOUL 55.71m FOUL 55.97m
4 Brian Duncan FR Missouri 56.62m 185-09
53.63m 53.46m 56.62m 54.55m FOUL FOUL
5 Carter Wasem SR Nebraska 56.22m 184-05
FOUL 56.22m 55.68m FOUL FOUL FOUL
6 Mitchall Heady SR Unattached 54.68m 179-05
FOUL 54.68m 53.14m FOUL FOUL FOUL
7 Tim McElroy SR Fort Hays St 54.60m 179-02
FOUL 54.60m FOUL FOUL 54.13m FOUL
8 Cody Weber SR Hastings 54.52m 178-10
9 Skylar Arneson FR Hutchinson C 54.39m 178-05
54.39m 53.61m 53.15m FOUL 53.94m 53.86m
10 Justin Victor SO Coffeyville 54.19m 177-09
52.70m FOUL 54.19m FOUL 53.49m FOUL
11 Garrett Wickham SR Hastings 53.55m 175-08
FOUL 53.55m FOUL
12 Matt Giesselmann SR Nebraska 52.90m 173-07
50.22m 50.99m 52.90m
13 Ryan Johnson JR Kansas State 51.89m 170-03
51.89m 49.98m FOUL
14 Matt Jensen SR Wis.-Milwauk 50.56m 165-10
47.98m FOUL 50.56m
15 Cole Ingram JR Nebraska 50.08m 164-04
50.08m 48.69m FOUL
16 Brooks Mosier JR Missouri 49.93m 163-10
FOUL 49.93m FOUL
17 Alex Roe SO Kansas State 49.16m 161-03
FOUL FOUL 49.16m
18 Denton Stephens SO South Dakota 48.96m 160-07
48.96m FOUL FOUL
19 Michael Thalken SO Nebraska-Kea 48.79m 160-01
48.79m 48.70m FOUL
20 Tim Opfer SR Missouri 48.77m 160-00
48.55m FOUL 48.77m
21 Brandon Karlin SR Nebraska-Kea 48.52m 159-02
48.52m FOUL FOUL
22 Weston Cotrell SO Hutchinson C 48.13m 157-11
36.55m 48.13m FOUL
23 Chris Gattman JR Kansas State 45.47m 149-02
42.75m 45.47m FOUL
— Chance Armstead JR Hastings FOUL

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Digital Results

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