Allyson Felix

Courtesy of the IAAF, here are the splits from the women’s 4x400m relay final at the World Championships in Beijing, China, on Sunday.

Jamaica may have won the gold medal, but it was American Allyson Felix who posted the fastest time among all the runners on the day.

The World Championships 400m individual champion clocked an eye-popping 47.72 seconds on the third leg for USA after chasing down Jamaica’s third leg runner Stephenie Ann McPherson to erased a big deficit and put the Americans ahead entering the last leg.

Jamaica’s Novlene Williams-Mills ran the second fastest split in the final – clocking 49.14 secs on than anchor leg to overtake American Francena McCorory who ran 49.93 secs on her leg.

Another Jamaican splitting faster the 50-seconds on her leg was Shericka Jackson who did 49.40 on the second leg.

Jackson won the bronze medal behind Felix in the open 400m final with a time of 49.99.

NOTE: Please Note That These Are The List Of Splits And Not The Order Of Finish In The Final

LaneCountryPhoto Times
UKRAINEReaction Time
Leg 152.100:51.39
Leg 251.601:43.58
Leg 300:51.4702:35.05
Leg 400:50.8903:25.94
CANADAReaction Time
Leg 152.100:50.79
Leg 251.901:43.94
Leg 300:51.3702:35.31
Leg 400:52.3803:27.69
USA Reaction Time0.169
Leg 151.500:49.58
Leg 250.401:41.79
Leg 300:47.72 FASTEST SPLIT02:29.51
Leg 400:49.9303:19.44 SILVER
Leg 151.300:48.81
Leg 25101:42.17
Leg 300:50.6102:32.78
Leg 400:50.8403:23.62 BRONZE
JAMAICAReaction Time
Leg 150.500:47.49
Leg 249.401:39.80
Leg 300:50.1902:29.99
Leg 400:49.1403:19.13 GOLD
NIGERIA Reaction Time0.202
Leg 152.400:48.70
Leg 250.901:43.21
Leg 300:51.1402:34.35
Leg 400:50.7603:25.11
RUSSIA Reaction Time0.181
Leg 151.800:47.61
Leg 251.201:42.90
Leg 300:51.1202:34.02
Leg 400:50.8203:24.84
FRANCE Reaction Time0.168
Leg 152.0000:47.25
Leg 250.601:42.55
Leg 300:53.9502:36.50
Leg 400:49.9503:26.45
Allyson Felix

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